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Oct 03, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Make no mistake, Weaves have no intention of letting go of the late '90s. And that's all for the better. The music coming out of Pavement, Pixies, and, an obvious touchstone of Weaves, The Mouldy Peaches was bursting with fluorescent ease. Not like the rigid, pseudo-'60s revival of the years that followed. More

Oct 02, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Benjamin Clementine is the kind of artist hard to ignore and even harder to pigeonhole. His genre-merging, format-skipping style picked him up the Mercury Prize in the U.K. for his 2015 debut (At Least for Now) without anyone quite being able to place him. Not much and everything has changed on his smart and soulful sophomore effort I Tell a Fly. More

Oct 02, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

It may not be widely known, but Mister Heavenly already have some serious indie rock cred. Not only from their most excellent 2011 debut Out of Lovebut also by boasting three indie rock veterans in Nicholas Thorburn (Islands), Ryan Kattner (Man Man), and Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, The Shins) ,whose body of work speaks for itself. More

Sep 29, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

"I'm not a righteous woman," sings Mackenzie Scott (TORRES) on the fourth track of Three Futures. She's right: the Georgia-born guitarist has made a third album that is introspective and cautious. More

Sep 29, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die is a band that specializes in facilitating catharsis. Given the state of American society and politics in 2017, the catharsis the band taps into on new album Always Foreign sounds more necessaryand terrifyingthan ever before. More

Sep 28, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

On the first trip through Wolf Alice's sophomore album Visions of a Life, it sounds as though this London alt rock quartet doesn't know what direction to take or what type of band they want to become.  More

Sep 28, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Wanting to call their new album "Bruce Springsteen is an Asshole," only to later change their mind to call it "Robert DeNiro is an Asshole," Pere Ubu ultimately settled on 20 Years in a Montana Missile SiloMore

Sep 27, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Protomartyr frontman Joe Casey does have a sense of humor, even if on record it may not be "haha" funny. As he speak-sings on his band's new LP, Relatives in Descent, he wishes there was a better ending to the joke: the poisoned rivers and "vile trumpets" of incongruous noise, evaporating notions of truth, toxic masculinity in police uniforms. More

Sep 26, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

The Killers are the kind of band that will likely always have a following. That's just how mega of an album Hot Fuss was when it came out in 2004. The record has sold over seven million copies worldwide to date, is still on rotation in many circles, and still brings masses to see them perform. More