Aug 10, 2017 Music Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

Downtown Boys are an antidote to 2017, to Trump's America, to oppression of all marginalized groups. The bi-lingual Chicana, queer, and Latino outfit are also a punch to the larynx of tired, white-washed punk rock that's turned so far towards its own privileged naval. More

Aug 09, 2017 Music Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

It should be no surprise that Frankie Rose's fourth solo album, Cage Tropical, is inspired by sci-fi and in particular sleepless nights listening to the late-night paranormal-themed broadcasts of Art Bell, who has a song named after him here.  More

Chuck Berry



Aug 08, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Many latter-day offerings from pioneers of rock and roll left indelible impressions on our collective psyches. The greatest elegiac piece in the once revolutionary genre, David Bowie's 2016 swansong Blackstar, concluded an influential body of work from the likes of an artist that we will never see again in our lifetime.  More

Aug 07, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

In a daring experiment for a band that's known for their raucous live shows and string of alternative hits, the recently released Unpeeled, by Grammy winners Cage the Elephant, features 21 stripped down versions of some of their best songs.  More

Aug 04, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

For almost the last 15 years Arcade Fire have been the torchbearers for indie rock, a rollicking collective of multi-instrumentalists who created a love affair with the early blogs of the new millennium.  More

Aug 03, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Briana Marela, who released her first record with Jagjaguar in 2015 (the haunting and beautiful All Around Us), imbues her second studio album under the same label, Call It Lovewith the recognizable ambient, echoing style that made All Around Us so memorable.  More

Brad Couture

Lower Tones


Aug 02, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Brad Couture is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose original, and mostly instrumental, compositions are a blend of ambient, film music, and New Age that are as suitable for background music as they are for movie soundtracks. More

Aug 01, 2017 Music Web Exclusive

Just as you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a band by its name. The name here may conjure some form of raucous garage rock performed by beer swilling hillbillies, but all it takes is hearing one track of Trailer Trash Tracys' sophomore album, Althaea, to realize it is anything but.  More

Girl Ray

Earl Grey

Moshi Moshi

Jul 31, 2017 Music Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear

There's something rather pleasing about an album called Earl Grey from a band named Girl Ray. The debut from the North London trio of Poppy Hankin, Iris McConnell, and Sophie Moss is also pleasing, though not quite memorable enough to stay the course. More