Oct 11, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Let's get the obvious out of the way here. Fairly or not, it's almost impossible to talk about this record without talking about the unspeakable tragedy that befell Nick Cave during its making.  More

Jenny Hval

Blood Bitch

Sacred Bones

Oct 10, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Part way through Blood Bitch someone asks Jenny Hval "What's this album about?" She answers: "Vampires... and more things." It's a perfect description of the Norwegian's slant on songwriting. Hval is a pursuer of the sonically extraordinary; an adventurer of jarring soundscapes. More

Oct 07, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

On her second album under the nom de plume Springtime Carnivore, Greta Morgan (formerly of The Hush Sound and Gold Motel and a touring member of La Sera) has made a terrific, very Los Angeles style indie rock record (with hints of psychedelia, sunshine pop, and folk rock) that will remind listeners of Angelenos gone by, ranging from that dog. to Rilo Kiley. More

Ultimate Painting


Trouble in Mind

Oct 06, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

There are several adjectives thrown at the eclectic and vast sphere that is London indie bands; few are printable in such a respectable publication as this and "dependable" is rarely one of them. However (you can see where this is going) it is the one that springs to mind when considering the merits of Ultimate Painting. More

Oct 05, 2016 Music Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

It's fitting and almost inevitable that English singer/songwriter Billy Bragg and American singer/songwriter and noted producer Joe Henry should do a record together.  More

Oct 04, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

It's not hard to hear Hamilton Leithauser's contributions to The Walkmen: that plaintive wail is the thing that made the band recognizable from their 2002 debut through the indefinite hiatus limbo in which they now reside. More


High in Place

Captured Tracks

Oct 03, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

In June 2015, the Brooklyn band EZTV put out their debut album Calling Out. Eschewing the long wait times in between albums that characterize the modern era, they have followed it a year later with their sophomore albumHigh in PlaceMore

Bon Iver

22, A Million


Sep 30, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

Bon Iver's (aka Justin Vernon) debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, was unarguably one of the best records of 2007. It's somewhat surprising to think, then, that in the nine years since, Bon Iver has only released one other studio album (2011's Bon Iver, Bon Iver)until now.  More

Still Corners

Dead Blue

Wrecking Light

Sep 29, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

British/American dream-pop act Still Corners should take a page out of S U R V I V E's book (as with Netflix's Stranger Things) and do the musical score for a dark '80s-indebted series.  More