Aug 31, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Whether singing over schmaltzy disco beats or lovely strings, Jens Lekman could always be counted on for a good time. Few lyricists have his ability to mix drama and humor, and few songwriters could match his way with dynamic song structures. I Know What Love Isn't is a breakup record, and though it still aches with hope, it strips Lekman of his greatest strengths. More

Aug 30, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

There's a unique eeriness about Piano Magic's 11th LP, Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet. Opening with a drone-based sketch that has origins both Medieval and Far Eastern, the collective's sense of innovation is apparent from the very beginning. More

Aug 30, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

The golden, honeyed tones of Cold Specksstage name of Canadian songstress Al Spxare hard to ignore.  More

Matthew Dear


Ghostly International

Aug 29, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Matthew Dear's artistic profile reads like a discarded verse from LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge," with a career that has thus far encompassed glitch, microhouse, Detroit techno, electropop, and tech house; been recorded under such aliases as False, Audion, and Jabberjaw; and influenced by the likes of New York and Berlin, Eno, Adonis, and Talking Heads. He may not have registered in the hipster consciousness to quite the same degree as James Murphy, but over the past nine years and five full-length albums, Dear has quietly gone about proving himself to be one of the most ambitious and serious electronica artists out there. More

Aug 28, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf ParadeHandsome Furs), and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks) deliver one of the most interesting debut albums of the year with their new synth-soaked supergroup. More

Wild Nothing


Captured Tracks

Aug 27, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Jack Tatum, aka Wild Nothing, released 2010's Gemini while wrapping up his college degree at age 21. It quickly became the Little Album That Could, earning wide Internet praise for its unabashedly '80s post-punk, dream pop, and C86-leaning tunes (not to mention that striking/creepy cover art). Two years later, he's obligated by all of rock history to churn out a "mature" follow-up full-length, informed by a few years of being on the road eating up life's contradictions. More

Aug 24, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Fans of Dan Deacon's minimalism-gone-maximum electronic music were possibly puzzled when he stated that his latest opus would be his "protest album." The guy that once titled his songs "Woody Woodpecker" or "Lion With a Shark's Head" isn't generally too keen on remonstration. America's existence is not without precedence, though. More


The Seer

Young God

Aug 23, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Having (temporarily?) retired his Angels of Light band alias and its bleak balladeer mode, Michael Gira is now two albums deep into the bleaker misanthropy of his seminal Swans project. More

Aug 23, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

White Arrows' debut full-length, Dry Land Is Not a Myth, takes cues from both dance floors and drum circles. Aided by RAC's production (Penguin Prison), the Los Angeles-based five-piece's rock palette is all about shifting filters of psychedelic sounds. The quintet hits pop and calypso flavors along the way, finding itself slotted alongside Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective. More