Oct 16, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Funk's always been at the heart of Alan Palomo's work. The Neon Indian vanguard may have spent the past six years convincing us he's some sort of psych pop freethinker, but the facts speak for themselves. More

Oct 15, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

As reputations go, The Twilight Sad's is as loud as they come. Since the release of their debut LP 14 Autumns & 15 Winters, the Scottish ensemble have earned a reputation for their ear-canal-crushing compositions.  More

Oct 14, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Devon Welsh, singer and primary lyricist of duo Majical Cloudz, has a habit of locking eyes with audience members during concerts, and not breaking the eye contact for uncomfortably long periods of time. It's become something of a legend around the band. And, at least if new album Are You Alone?is any indication, it might be the perfect way to experience this music: someone singing the words, eyes boring into your soul. More


As If


Oct 13, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

It's fair to say !!! have never quite fulfilled their potential. Since releasing their debut LP way back in 2001, the outfit have only shown sporadic flashes of their funk-fuelled brilliance. Too often records such as Myth Takes and Louden Up Now motored into life with taut, dancefloor reverberations before sputtering to a cold, hard stop. More

Oct 12, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

The horrific accident that nearly killed Bradford Cox has clearly changed his outlook, and by extension, the music of Deerhunter. Gone is the gnashing of teeth and the back of the throat growl. Cox's vocals often sounded as though they were squeezing out the last of the tube.  More




Oct 09, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

SEXWITCH's groove is impossible to ignore. For a collaboration between Bat For Lashes' dark queen Natasha Khan and shoegaze-psych masters Toy, these six recordings are infinitely looser than their creators' back catalogues suggest.  More

Oct 08, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

The cover of Glen Hansard's Didn't He Ramble is deceiving: a wintry window defaced by scratches that serves as a barrier between the listener and songwriter. Anyone familiar with The Frames and Swell Season singer knows his songs offer a warm invitation into his world. More


In Dream

Play It Again Sam

Oct 07, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

While it still may not rank with Editors' finest work, In Dream is the sound of a band finally moving on and discovering new ground rather than dwelling on past concerns, and the better for it.  More

Oct 06, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Girl Band by name, girl band by nature? Not this one. The Irish quartet are all male purveyors of guttural noise punk whose debut LP Holding Hands With Jamie is as searing as it comes. More