Jun 24, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

More than a decade ago now, my best friend made me listen to Rated R and Songs For the Deaf, claiming they were musical life-changers. I listened to them plenty and liked them, even if they didn't change my musical life (but, honestly, how often are such aural promises fulfilled?). More

Jun 21, 2013 Music Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

Back in April, Smith Westerns spoke to Pitchfork about what it felt like to return to Chicago after almost two years on the road. In just 24 months, friends moved away or moved on, graduated from college and pursued more traditional careers, while the members of Smith Westerns chose music instead. More

Surfer Blood


Warner Bros./Kanine

Jun 20, 2013 Music Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

If Surfer Blood's 2010 debut, Astro Coast, conjured a nondescript mid-'90s alternative rock radio sound-pop melodies, crunchy distorted guitars and the occasional multi-part harmony—its follow-up, Pythons, gets more specific. More

Jun 20, 2013 Music Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

NYC based duo MS MR have been trickling onto the indie scene for a little over a year now in the form of a clever PR campaign in which they leveraged Tumblr to cunningly release tracks from their excellent 2012 EP Candy Bar Creep Show. More

Jun 19, 2013 Music Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

Over the last decade, Fred Thomas has operated a revolving-door policy that surpasses even Mark E. Smith's (of The Fall). But so far his fluid approach to Saturday Looks Good to Me's line-up has always come up trumps, delivering such vivacious sonic offerings as 2007's excellent Fill Up the Room. More

Primal Scream

More Light

First International

Jun 18, 2013 Music Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

Primal Scream albums areto quote Forrest Gumplike a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get. The group's 10th album, More Light, comes five years after its confusing predecessor, Beautiful Future, and it follows up the group touring its seminal album, 1991's Screamadelica. More




Jun 17, 2013 Music Issue #46 - June/July 2013 - Charli XCX

Olympia reportedly captures a more democratic Austra, with benevolent dictator Katie Stelmanis relinquishing some of her control and the road-weathered six-piece now writing as a band. More

Jun 14, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Sigur Rós' seventh full-length starts with amiasma of thunderous crashes. A year later and one member fewer than the paper-thin whisper that was previous album Valtari, it's almost as if the Icelandic trio is making up for lost time with sheer volume. More


False Idols

False Idols

Jun 13, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

R.E.M., U2, Weezer... there is a huge list of artists who were consistently outstanding throughout most of the '90s (yes, Pop was great) but whose output declined into what can generously be described as patchy. By varying gradients their waning tended to be successive, slipping album-by-album. More