Dec 23, 2014 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

This six-disc box set finally unearths the entirety of Dylan's mythical '67 home-recordings with The Band. More

Dec 23, 2014 Music Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

The period between 1966 and 1968 saw Bob Dylan write and record some of the best material of his career. Those freewheelin' sessions where he laid down tracks with his pals in The Band became the subject of fans and bootleggers alike who couldn't get enough of these songs that deviated so far from what they were used to hearing. More

She & Him



Dec 22, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

At long last, the legacy of She & Him, the passion project of guitar and studio wunderkind M. Ward and surprisingly good singer/actress Zooey Deschanel, was never going to be innovation. More

Steve Gunn

Way Out Weather

Paradise Of Bachelors

Dec 19, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Steve Gunn continues his drift from the avant-garde world into popular music with another folk-tinged, guitar-worshiping set of tunes here, blending the long and varied history of hypnotic guitar into a perfectly pensive collection. More

Dec 18, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Since the dissolution of Sonic Youth, the world's foremost purveyors of organized noise and guitar feedback, Thurston Moore has been busy with side projects, none of which sounded particularly like his primary band. More

Simple Minds

Big Music

Caroline International

Dec 17, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

For the casual music appreciator, Simple Minds are a one-hit wonder who hit their peak with the ultimate movie ending song for The Breakfast Club with "Don't You Forget About Me." More

Dec 16, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

From the trendsetting groups that came out of the Madchester baggy scene, Inspiral Carpets were the least troublesome, which could be construed as the least hip. This, along with their dab hand at hit singles, has aided in the resilience of the group. More

Charli XCX


Neon Gold/Atlantic

Dec 15, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

We should all be pretty happy that Hot 100 success has done very little to change Charli XCX. After teaming up with hip-hop lightning rod Iggy Azalea for the semi-song-of-the-summer in "Fancy," it was easy to discern that the best part of that track was Charli's bratty, dramatic earworm chorus, and not the mediocre, ghostwritten rhymes from Azalea.  More

Dec 12, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

The Smashing Pumpkins' history can be told in two acts. Act one, an unconventional alt-rock band scores international success with a series of guitar-heavy albums for introverts. Act two, that band goes through a nearly uncountable series of lineup changes and spends the following 15 years releasing a comeback album every now and then, but never recapturing the spark of imagination that fueled their early success. More