Nov 05, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Teen Daze’s The Inner Mansions is an almost unbearably lush collection of dance-pop draped in synthesizer gauze. It’s described as a more spiritual and introspective record for Teen Daze, nom de plume of Canadian electronic musician, Matt Halversen.  More

Philip Glass

Rework: Philip Glass Remixed

Orange Mountain Music/Ernest Jenning Record Co./The Kora

Nov 02, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

With over four decades’ worth of recordings under his belt, the prolific minimalist composer Philip Glass has a vast, fascinating body of work ripe for examination and consideration, and a conversation between Beck and Glass sparked just such a project. The two-disc Rework offers remixes from a dozen artists; with the strongest efforts well worth revisiting, the set never serves less than to pique curiosity in the original compositions. More

Nov 01, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Matricidal Sons of Bitches takes the form of a grand, four-part, mostly instrumental suite that directly comments on the films of early Hollywood’s so-called “Poverty Row,” a loose collection of independent studios that pumped out ultra-low-budget films (primarily Westerns and serials). More

The Soft Moon


Captured Tracks

Oct 31, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

A few years back there was a brief uproar in the media over the addictiveness of a well-known energy drink and the hallucinatory effects of its caffeine/taurine content in tired commuters. This story came to mind when listening to Zeros, the new album from The Soft Moon; imagine having said drink slipped into your morning coffee and then putting Fuck Buttons on. More

Oct 30, 2012 Music Web Exclusive


Some may have thought Neil Young was off his rocker when he reunited himself with Crazy Horse earlier this year and released Americana, an album of fuzzed-out American standards such as “Oh Susannah” and “Clementine.” But lo and behold, just a few months later along comes what everyone was waiting for, manna from the rock gods, in the form of a Neil Young & Crazy Horse double album. 


Oct 29, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

On his long-awaited debut album as Chad Valley, Oxford, England based Hugo Manuel makes little attempt to veil his affection for the zillion-dollar, slickly produced, mammoth-sized pop albums of the 1980s; the results are as charming and imaginative as one may have come to expect from one of the blogosphere’s most buzzed-about artists. More

Oct 26, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

All his rock posturing, live sampling, and Doctor Seussian linguistics has failed to hide one simple fact: violinist Andrew Bird is a folkie. Released as a chaser to this year's earlier, chilled-out effort Break It Yourself, Hands of Glory sees Bird in his natural habitat, a child of the soil rather than the stage. More

Oct 25, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Titus Andronicus has always had ambitions exceeding that of most punk bands. They're just as likely to make an album about a Civil War ship (The Monitor) as they are to write a song featuring a poop joke (the amazingly-titled "Still Life with Hot Deuce on Silver Platter"). Their music, at once shambling and epic, serves these dual purposes perfectly, and their first two albums were equal parts hilarious, angry, and soaring. More

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Cobra Juicy

Rad Cult/French Kiss

Oct 24, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Cobra Juicylearns just the right lessons from each of these albums. It’s the Black Moth Super Rainbow recording we’ve been waiting for: unchecked and as wonky as ever, but with just enough structure to give it a lasting impact. More