Aug 23, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Vetiver refugees Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille have created one of the few bands to compare themselves to Cocteau Twins and actually hit somewhere near that mark. More

Aug 22, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

A key component of the '90s alt-rock scene was that many of its musicians had an ambivalence bordering on downright contempt for the very art form they practiced. More


Where You Stand

Red Telephone Box

Aug 22, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Travis were championed by Oasis' Noel Gallagher in 1997, back when that might have meant something. These days that doesn't mean much and Travis doesn't either. More

Aug 21, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Loud City Song is that rare, refreshing, and inspiring album that simply aspires to be a world unto itself. Pulling equally from modern classical, Tin Pan Alley musicals, musique concrète, and what can only be described as avant-pop as descendant from forebears such as Kate Bush and David Bowie, the album resists and even violently squirms away from attempts at categorization. More

No Age

An Object

Sub Pop

Aug 20, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Uh-oh, No Age is messin' with the formula. Their sound had its expansion and now it's time to retract a little, to lean toward some of those punk roots rather than reveling in all that blissful guitar/noise wash.  More

Aug 19, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

After releasing their debut single "Born Again" in 2012, DIANA (Carmen Elle, Paul Mathew, Kieran Adams, and Joseph Shabason) got slapped with the descriptor "indie Sade," which is as good a place as any to start describing their impeccably-constructed tunes. More

Aug 16, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez roar back onto the scene with their fourth full-length as Crocodiles. This time they've found the perfect partner in producer Sune Rose Wagner (of The Raveonettes) who tosses a fistful of Hollywood glamour all over their already glorious celebration of sex, drugs, and death. More

Porcelain Raft

Permanent Signal

Secretly Canadian

Aug 15, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Mauro Remiddi returns with his second full-length after last year's Strange WeekendThe title refers to a phone line that's off the hook (remember hooks?) without a connection for a long time, a stand-in for Remiddi's own inability to really connect with loved ones during a year on the road (what would second or third albums be without the rigors of the road?) More

The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars


Aug 14, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

The Civil Wars' sophomore album comes as the duoJohn Paul White and Joy Williamsremains on indefinite hiatus due to "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition." More