Sep 23, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Upon the release of Congratulations, there was a lot of talk about how MGMT were alienating fans with an album that overreached into defiant weirdness following their hugely popular debut. More




Sep 23, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

MGMT continue their sustained dive into the sonic headspace of Oracular Spectacular's second half, presenting another collection of sprawling lysergic psych-rock weirdness. More

Sep 20, 2013 Music Issue #47 - September/October 2013 - MGMT

Last year, when the walloping "Lies" and bittersweet "The Mother We Share" introduced listeners to the Glasgow synthpop trio, CHVRCHES, two focal points were vocalist Lauren Mayberry's stirring soprano and lyrics that exuded Glaswegian bite and gloom. More

Janelle Monáe

The Electric Lady

Bad Boy/Wondaland/Atlantic

Sep 19, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

The future is robotic: sexless, genderless, classless, and raceless. It's post-this, post-that, genreless, and guileless. It's proto-android and it's 110 percent glamorous. And Janelle Monáe is already there, dreaming of electric sheep and serving up another two suites (IV and V) of her Metropolis series, with somehow even more of the playful, idiosyncratic, and completely over-the-top style we know (and love?) her for. More

Sep 19, 2013 Music Issue #47 - September/October 2013 - MGMT

Stay aloof on the dance floor. Here's a proper full-length from these Londoners after a slew of 12-inch singles, mini-albums, and more. Collaborator/remixer Stephen Morris (of Joy Division/New Order) has described them as "unsettling disco," which is an apt summaryespecially as they continue to strip their sound down to the rhythmic elements and brief spurts of odd, heavily affected vocals and other sounds. More

Sep 18, 2013 Music Issue #47 - September/October 2013 - MGMT

New Yorkers Crystal Stilts emerged back in 2008 with Alight of Night, an album on which everything from the scratchy surf rock guitars to the distant, clattering drums to frontman Brad Hargett's dejected baritone had been drenched in so much reverb it almost sounded like it had been recorded underwater. More

London Grammar

If You Wait

Metal & Dust/Columbia

Sep 17, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

More than the navel gazing album of 2013 (although its shadowy, late-night vibe certainly does invite the thinking of deep thoughts), London Grammar's debut full-length If You Wait represents a strong argument for instrumental austerity. More

Sep 16, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

In a recent interview, Trent Reznor alluded to feeling restricted creatively when recording under the Nine Inch Nails name. Throughout the 1990s, his band was the benchmark by which all other anxious, brooding electronic rock was measured; Reznor became a scowling poster boy for the alternative era's malcontent youth. More

Sep 16, 2013 Music Issue #47 - September/October 2013 - MGMT

Another odd-numbered year, another Bill Callahan long player. His newest, Dream River, is 40 mellow minutes of the singer in a downtempo, reserved mode. More