San Cisco

Awkward EP

Fat Possum

Dec 05, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

These four young musicians from Fremantle, Australia, found some radio airplay and chart success on their native continent with "Awkward," a burst of bubbly pop that's difficult to not love. More

Dec 04, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

It's hard to fault a young artist for putting out a record that sounds like vintage Prince; it's been too long since Prince himself released one that did just that. The often-hypersexual subject matter here is no doubt one of the contributing factors earning this 26-year-old soul singer comparisons to that R&B statesman. More

Dec 03, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

Scott Walker albums are like reading James Joyce's Ulysses. It's impossible to digest in only one sitting and can even drive you mad with its labyrinthine web of allusions during a second, fifth, or tenth pass.  More

Nov 30, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

This gothy girl group throwback walks a thin, strange line between creepy and coquettish; their campy horror-shtick winds up being less David Lynch and more Tim Burton, feeling exaggerated and cartoonish.  More

Crystal Castles


Universal Republic/Casablanca

Nov 29, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Alice Glass and Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles, are feeling the weight of the world, and III is their response. More

Nov 28, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

One of the long-lost power pop progenitors, Zion, Illinois' Shoes, has had a remarkably consistent 35-year career since releasing its first studio album, Black Vinyl Shoes, way back in 1977. Over eight albums, through this year's Ignition, the band has never wavered from its particular brand of pop songcraft, gently sung melodies wrapped in concise, tuneful instrumental packing. More

Sun Airway

Soft Fall

Dead Oceans

Nov 27, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

Soft Fall sounds expensive. And that's a good thing. It's a luxurious album full of synths, samples, and strings with voluptuous curves and crushed velvet soundscapes. It expands logically on the sturdy foundation laid by Sun Airway's often overlooked 2010 debut, Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier. More

Nov 26, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

Holy shit, this album art. The Mars Explorer's blurry Instagrams got nothin' on this. Vaguely Moorish sci-fi architecture winds around a series of red canyons; a crystal city lies in a glass globe in the distance, its backdrop an alien solar system. More

Nov 21, 2012 Music Issue #43 - Animal Collective

What was it about the 1980s that made it so viable for artists in their mid-30s to mid-40s to become hit-makers? Peter Gabriel, who in the late '60s founded the progressive rock band Genesis, was 36 in the summer of 1986, when "Sledgehammer," the lead single from his fifth solo album, So, reached Number One on Billboard's Hot 100. More