Sep 20, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

“The only bad part about flying is having to come back down to the fuckin’ world,” says the kid on the sample opening “Say My Name or Say Whatever,” the third track on Total Loss. It’s followed by a splash—the coming down, presumably, in the form of a water landing.  More

Sep 20, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

“What’s up y’all/I thought we had a plan/To move things forward for women around the globe/Instead of going forward, where the hell we going now?” is something of the listener’s gauntlet for Corin Tucker Band’s second album. It’s from the opening track “Groundhog Day,” and it’s a call to arms unheard from Tucker since Sleater-Kinney’s sublime The Woods. More


Bend Beyond


Sep 19, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

With Bend Beyond, Woods continue to try and convince us they're not in California. Brooklyn, they say. This seventh full-length is their dark album, their publicist says. More

Band of Horses

Mirage Rock


Sep 18, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

At this point in Band of Horses' story arc, Ben Bridwell is the sole remaining member from the days of their debut Everything All the Time, and one of only two holdovers from their breakthrough Cease to BeginMirage Rock is by roughly the same unit that put together the underwhelming Infinite Arms, and continues the shifts in direction that started there. More




Sep 17, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Holy vitriol, Batman! Menomena's fifth full-length Moms doesn't hold back on the bile, the band aiming their acid tongues at unsatisfying lovers and the family tree. Why, it's enough to make matriarchs everywhere clutch at their pearls. More

Sep 14, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Like any Grizzly Bear release, Shields demands multiple listens before one is able to peel the layers back to see how good it just might be. This shouldn't be anything new to fansVeckatimest was widely regarded as one of the best albums of 2009, but most everyone, if they were honest, would admit that it took some time to realize it might be better than good. Shields demands a similar amount of patience and engagementand, fortunately, it pays out similar rewards. More

Sep 14, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

Amanda Palmer is suffering from an identity crisis. Theatre is Evil, Palmer's first solo album since parting ways with her label, finds the self-proclaimed piano-slayer yearning not only to do it with a rock star, but to become one. The result is a song set that begins a move away from the haunted cabaret halls where Palmer shines-but never manages to go anywhere of note. More

Maximo Park

The National Health

Straight to the Sun

Sep 13, 2012 Music Web Exclusive

Maxïmo Park blasted out of the U.K. in 2005 with A Certain Trigger, an album of angular, fast-paced post-whatever rock and roll that was gripping in both its musical heft and its incisive lyrical dexterity. The National Health represents a true return to form. More

Sep 13, 2012 Music Issue #42 - The Protest Issue

The debut album by Los Angeles-based duo IO Echo begins with a bombastic burst in the opening number "Shanghai Girls." It signals a confident presence and ambitious agenda by a band that's been saddled from the start with plenty of labels and expectations by critics and fans alike. Shaking off those labels, which include buzzwords like "dark," "murky," and "gothic," the band forges ahead with songs that are precise and synthetic but nevertheless elude falling into a formulaic rut of ho-hum electronic rock. More