Mar 31, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Hating Dan Croll isn't easy. The English troubadour's music is as inoffensive as it getslike Grizzly Bear, without the grizzle or the bear. For some, such safety will instantly prove a turn-off. But safe is exactly what Dan Croll is, and you suspect he's not likely to change any time soon. More

Perfect Pussy

Say Yes to Love

Captured Tracks

Mar 28, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Since Russian punk collective Pussy Riot came to prominence for their arrest a couple of years ago, and with the fourth wave of feminism currently crashing against the patriarchal harbor wall (who doesn't love an overwrought metaphor?), there seems to have been welcome renewal of interest in riot grrrl, or whatever label you want to attach to it. More

Mar 27, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

(born Karen Marie Ørsted) made her first entrance into the music scene as a shock rapper. But the 25-year-old Danish singer's debut full-length is a completely different beast. More

Roman Remains


H.O.T. Records Ltd.

Mar 26, 2014 Music Web Exclusive

Roman Remains is The Duke Spirit's Liela Moss' and Toby Butler's side project. The duo's debut, Zeal, explores the latter's electronic curiosities and the former's introspective observations. More

The Hold Steady

Teeth Dreams

Washington Square

Mar 25, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

NPR once referred to The Hold Steady as "America's bar band." Insofar as bar bands owe a debt to Thin Lizzy, the description was apt, but beyond that, it did a disservice to Craig Finn's word-drunk lyrics and the band's Springsteen-by-way-of-ZZ-Top thump. It's easy to see why The Hold Steady might have chafed under the label. More




Mar 24, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

God bless Liars. While virtually everyone in the avant rock class of the Aughts (that loosely started with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and ended with HEALTH) either cleaned up their acts and graduated or just dropped out, Liars are streaking the graduation ceremony with booze on their breaths and middle fingers in the air. And yet the kind of envelope-pushing on Mess is nothing if not mature, simultaneously punk as fuck and utterly refined. More

Mar 21, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Singles is the kind of step forward a psychedelic indie band could take to bring itself into a bigger spotlight. Future Islands deserves that kind of attention, and though it's understandable that Samuel Herring's dramatic growl might not be for everyone, the first line of this album might just change minds. More



Bella Union

Mar 20, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

Few bands have put out albums in the past year that have shimmered quite so much as Lanterns on the Lake's utterly sublime Until the Colours Run. In terms of shimmer it was close to Radiohead's level; a band who themselves are arguably only out-shimmered by, say, Cocteau Twins. Snowbird is a supergroup: one that comprises members of Lanterns on the Lake, Midlake, Radiohead, and Cocteau Twins. More

Mar 19, 2014 Music Issue #49 - February/March 2014 - Portlandia

As the vocalist for The Cardigans, whose success with "Lovefool" and "My Favourite Game" put the group in mainstream pop consciousness, Nina Persson's voice has a larger presence than the individual behind it. Working with A Camp, her other band, as well as Cake Sale, and numerous other guest appearances, Animal Heart is Persson's first wholly solo album. More