Yeah Yeah Yeahs



Apr 23, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Say what you will about Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but you can't deny they're consistent. For 13 years, the New York trio has been propelling their double-jointed brand of hyperventilating punk throbs and tender balladry without feeling the need to change tack.  More




Apr 22, 2013 Music Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

In certain circles there has been a quiet suspicion for a few years now that European pop music has made its way under the radar to a place a million miles ahead of its American and British contemporaries: we offer up the catchy but interchangeable, indistinguishable, and disposable ideas, Europe gives us the likes of Versailles's Phoenix. More

Apr 19, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

It seems that James Blake is still in a bit of a funk. His latest effort, Overgrown, rarely pulls out of its state of cloudy despondence, the 24 year-old producer-cum-songwriter instead demonstrating a sensitivity to subtle changes in a single hue, mood, and tenor. More

Mark Kozelek

Like Rats

Caldo Verde

Apr 18, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

Sun Kil Moon's 2010-released fourth full LP, Admiral Fell Promises, was their first effort that sounded exclusively like a Mark Kozelek solo record. What may then have been an anomaly has since become de rigueur in Kozelek's oeuvre: a neatly plucked, nylon-stringed acoustic guitar, that distinctive voice... and nothing else. More

Apr 17, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

You can count on one hand the number of artists who have made the breakthrough from teen-baiting boy band member to important, acclaimed darling of the critics. Sure, Robbie Williams, Donnie Osmond, and That One From The Backstreet Boys broke free and sold millions, but their adoring fan bases remained pretty much the same as when they were part of a group. Plus, y'know, they were all shit. More

Apr 16, 2013 Music Web Exclusive

That True Romance is likely to ruffle few feathers on its release speaks volumes about the current shape of modern-day pop music. Once upon a time, such a collection of android beats and glitch-riddled melodies would have singled its creator out as a libido-led sonic provocateur. In 2013 it merely ensures Charli XCX's place in the pack. More

Apr 15, 2013 Music Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

The full-length debut from sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin plays as a fully-formed version of the three DIY singles the sisters already released as Bleached. ­Ride Your Heart features echoes of the punk of the sisters’ previous band, Mika Miko, but Bleached is very much a different beast. More

Apr 12, 2013 Music Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

Iron & Wine’s last two records—2007’s The Shepherd’s Dog and 2011’s Kiss Each Other Clean—found leader Sam Beam diving into uncharted musical waters after the calm, acoustic songwriting of Iron & Wine’s first two albums. More

The Flaming Lips

The Terror


Apr 11, 2013 Music Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix

Listeners who turn to The Flaming Lips looking for a good time, return now from whence you came. The music included on The Terror is as nightmarish as its name would suggest.  More