Apr 29, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

In real life, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle was a believer in Spiritualism, while his friend, the escape artist Harry Houdini, was a fervent crusader against ita clash that ultimately destroyed their friendship.  More

Apr 22, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

The shouty, stocky, pulverizing funny Patton Oswalt is in prime form during his new standup special for Netflix, Talking For Clapping. Taped sixth months ago at The Fillmore in San Francisco, where he first began to hone his comedic chops, Oswalt deftly mixes high and low brow humor throughout the set, and sometimes within the same bit. More

Apr 20, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

In the '90s, hacker thrillers became so popular that critics coined the phrase "cyber punk." Today, one of TV's best nail biters is officially ushering in a new genre: bio punk. Or perhaps it should be bio goth. Both terms suit the piercings, coal dark attire, and overall sullen demeanor of the fringe group that modify their genitals, lodge magnets in their fingertips and more throughout the season four premiere of Orphan Black.  More

The Night Manager

AMC, Tuesdays 10/9 Central

Apr 19, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

The Night Manager, adapted from a 1993 John le Carré novel, arrives with a not insignificant obstacle before it: all the best le Carré novels have already been adapted for the screen, some of them multiple times. More



Feb 15, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

There are two kinds of Stephen King mini-series: It and all the other ones. More


HBO, Sundays at 9 PM

Feb 12, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

Vinyl drops us into the pre-Internet music business of 1973, a period where a hundred-dollar handshake might open doors to airplay, well before anything as civilized as market research was considered.  More

The X-Files: “Home Again”

FOX, Mondays 8/7 Central

Feb 09, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

Last week's episode of The X-Files certainly set the high bar for this series. It was fun, weird, and told us an awful lot about where these characters are twenty-plus years into their evolution. I don't think anyone was expecting this week's episode to top "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster," so it is understandable that "Home Again" is a bit uneven at times. More


ABC, Wednesday February 3 and Thursday February 4, 8/7 Central

Feb 03, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

Bernard Madoff became a universally hated, spat-upon face of greed and deception when news broke in 2008 that the investment advisor and former NASDAQ chairman had stolen nearly $65 billion from clients via an elaborate and decades-hidden Ponzi scheme.  More

Feb 02, 2016 TV Web Exclusive

That sound you heard last night-no, not the confused cheers of Bernie Sanders supporters at the Iowa caucus, the other sound, the geekier one-was the collective sigh of X-Files fans after watching the third episode of the revived miniseries. More