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Friday, July 3rd, 2020  

Sep 28, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

If you’re not already a convert to the spastic and surreal blend of comedy that Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim concoct, season three may not convince you to hop aboard the crazy bus. It also includes what might be their single best episode, the ’90s “EXTREME”-skewering “Jim and Derrick.” More

Sep 25, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Seth Green has carved out an interesting niche for himself with his stop-motion animated series Robot Chicken. Combining his love for all things geek with his TV experience, he’s able to play with his toys and make a living out of it. And when we talk about geeky things, Star Wars is usually at the top of the list. More

Sep 24, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

There's more than a fine line between Lost and Heroes, there's a friggin' gulf. But despite its many faults, Heroes is the only sci-fi show in five years that's managed to replicate any level of Lost's success. And so, in an attempt to maintain the viewership they'll lose once Lost ends next spring, ABC has once again churned out another sci-fi serial, this time revolving around the mystery behind the entire world's population blacking out for just over two minutes and flashing forward to six months in the future. More

Sep 18, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

The glass is still half empty when HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its seventh season Sunday night, but Larry David just might be adding more water. Although he's always sneered at NBC's offers for a Seinfeld reunion, David realizes if he agrees he can swoon his actress ex with the part of George Costanza's ex-wife. That setup seems classic, especially with who's involved. More

Sep 18, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

You almost have to feel bad for Jason Schwartzman, in that during the decade since he stole hearts in Rushmore, no one besides Wes Anderson has really found a suitable vehicle for him. So here he is again, this time starring as novelist/journalist Jonathan Ames in HBO's adaptation of Ames' amateur private detective novella, published earlier this year in The Double Life Is Twice As Good.  More

Sep 17, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

The Soup’s Joel McHale plays Jeff Winger, a lawyer who faked his college degree and now faces disbarment unless he attends community college and earns his diploma. More

Sep 17, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

After a hiatus of almost 10 months, the Paddy's Pub crawlers, Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Charlie (Charlie Day), Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson), and Frank (Danny DeVito) return to exploit, harass, scheme, and rile the denizens of Southern Philadelphia. The endlessly quotable, It's Always Sunny in Philadelpia, may have started out as a low budget sitcom with Seinfeldian itches in the most disgusting places, but the last two seasons of their nobrow antics saw the fivesome tapping into a comedic wellspring. More

Sep 10, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

The people at the CW network must think they've hit the jackpot, or at least hold the winning lottery ticket. Cashing in on teen girls' current vampire craze (Twilight etc.), The Vampire Diaries would seem to have the markings of a hit for the fall season. Based on a series of young-adult novels from the '90s, the show has all the ingredients that would seem to add up to a teen sensations: high school cliques, sibling rivalry, adolescent angst, drugs, family trauma, and of course, the aforementioned undead. Add in that it's written by Scream scribe and Dawson's Creek mastermind Kevin Williamson, and you've got what would seem like a sure thing. More

Sep 09, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Once you get past Glee’s uneven pilot, the real heart of the show starts to reveal itself with its next two episodes. What saved the hiccupping start were the musical interludes that were so jaw-dropping the rest of the story took a backseat. More