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Friday, July 3rd, 2020  

Dexter: Season 3 DVD


Aug 27, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Showtime's water-cooler thriller Dexter is essentially The Shield at its core, with a rogue police officer working against his own department to cover up his criminal involvement with cases of interest—in Dexter, though, that rogue cop has the added twist of being a serial killer, albeit one guided by a rigid moral code. It's an entertaining setup with ample opportunity for cat-and-mouse intrigue, and like The ShieldDexter understands the power of a dynamo guest star to spice up the show before the formula wears thin. More

Aug 24, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Whereas most of the main characters on teen dramas like The O.C. or Beverly Hills, 90210 seem to be pure of heart but, like most real-life teenagers, prone to mistakes, the Gossip Girl group doesn't have the same set of morals. This is the show's stroke of genius, and what makes it the most fun to be found in primetime television. More

Aug 18, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Kenny Powers. Man, myth, unbelievably broken asshole. From the team who brought you The Foot Fist Way comes this far superior creation starring Danny McBride as washed up MLB pitcher Kenny Powers, who ends up back home (Shelby, North Carolina) after boozing and drugging his way out of the major leagues. While there, he turns the town upside down with his outrageous behavior. More

Torchwood: Children of Earth

(BBC America, this Monday through Friday 9 – 10:15 p.m.)

Jul 20, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Fans of intelligent and exciting science fiction, and of compelling TV drama in general, will be well rewarded if they tune into BBC America this week for the five part Torchwood miniseries Children of Earth. It will be airing every night this week at 9 p.m. and is certainly the best five hours of science fiction television in recent memory and will also go down as one of 2009's most memorable television events. Even those who have never seen Torchwood before, or who were left unimpressed by the show's early episodes, would do well to tune in. More

Jul 16, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

I’m not a big fan of the term guilty pleasure, but Entourage is the very definition of it. The story of Hollywood actor/superstar Vinnie Chase, his three buddies, and his agent and the agent’s assistant has lumbered along for five seasons, and season five is now available on DVD, coinciding with the start of season six on HBO. More

Jul 15, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Just on the heels of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose comes yet another long-awaited comedy series DVD release. This time, it’s cult MTV sketch comedy The State. The 5-disc set includes all four seasons of the show and a whole disc of extras. That means that you’ll finally understand why your comedy junkie friends still say “I’m gonna dip my balls in it!” More

Jun 30, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Michael Bay’s sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has just redefined what a bad movie can be, and coming out to coincide with the cinematic apocalypse is Shout! Factory’s celebration of the original animated series’ 25th anniversary. The set is a notable improvement on the now out-of-print original Rhino releases from 2002 that included cut versions of some episodes and missing animation. This new release has taken great pains to restore as much of that footage as possible to appease the diehards. More


HBO, Sundays 10/9 Central

Jun 28, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

What do you do when you are not a high school jock anymore? When your university scholarship is over? When your career in the major leagues stalls due to an injury? You go back to said high school as a teacher/ coach, and start up a sideline career as a man-whore. What else? More

Jun 23, 2009 TV Web Exclusive

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Generation Kill is the fact that David Simon and Ed Burns made this revealing miniseries concurrently with the last season of The Wire, and both are great. Based on Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright’s 2004 book chronicling his time with the Marines during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the 7-episode series shows us a side of war that we don’t often see. More