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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (Android)

HeroCraft Ltd

Aug 12, 2011 #37 – St. Vincent
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The purest measure of any game on a phone or tablet is addictiveness, and Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim ends up somewhere right around crack. A faithful port of the classic PC game, Majesty asks players to build a kingdom, so it’s something of a sim game, but it’s also something of an RPG, though the player isn’t in control of the heroes. Half the fun of Majesty is learning the personalities and tendencies of the various heroes and races, and trying to predict their behavior. As the controller of the kingdom, the player builds castles and marketplaces, levies taxes, and pays more heroes.

The only drawback to all of the fun is that the game is relatively short, and once one gets the hang of it, it’s not all that difficult to blow through the missions, especially given how difficult the game is to put down. 

On a phone, Majesty is certainly playable, but on a tablet, it truly excels. Unlike many, many Android games, Majesty isn’t terribly buggy, and runs without issue on both devices. (

Author rating: 7/10

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En güzel oyunları bedava oyna
December 11th 2011

I have played it and like so much,i advise it to all game lovers.

February 28th 2013

Wonderful game! I just downloaded its awesome. I would like to play next version also where could i get that one.

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July 19th 2016

Awesome game, love it personally!
July 9th 2017

Thank you for this article.

A great educational game for kids.

February 28th 2018

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - Awesome Already Tried And Addicted To It. Love This Game


February 28th 2018

Article length is short but great tutorial about

May 8th 2019

I am really astonished with your drives just as really satisfied to see this post.