Man With a Plan

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Oct 24, 2016 Web Exclusive
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Friends alum Matt LeBlanc returns to primetime television as Adam Burns, a contractor who finds himself saddled with increased parenting responsibilities after his wife returns to work for the first time in 13-years in CBS' new sitcom, Man With a Plan. LeBlanc's Adama father of threeis unbelievably (and unfunnily) naïve about what it takes to raise children, until he's faced with the daily tasks of packing lunch and enforcing homework. His distance from the realities of parenting makes it that much harder to invest in a show that offers few laughs and just as much entertainment.

As Joey, LeBlanc was an integral and endearing part of the Friends equation. His caring nature, coupled with the right amount of charming simplicity, made him naturally loveable. Creators Jackie and Jeff Filgo's Adamalmost undeniably developed with the same traits in mindis far less engaging. Worse, he feels forced, a wannabe Joey with half the charisma. LeBlanc does what he can with the role, but the writing is so far below the bar set by Friends, it's almost unfair of Man With a Plan to beg a comparison.

The pilot introduces the unfortunate running gags of an adolescent son who can't keep his hands out of his pants, and a stay at home dad desperate for male companionship who admires Adam for his machismo. This is the best of what Man With a Plan has to offer. It is uninspired and un-engaging. Man With a Plan is likely to be a short blip on the CBS lineup this fall. If it lasts longer than one season, it's only because LeBlanc's place in sitcomand televisionhistory was etched decades ago. (

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Pay Homework Help
October 25th 2016

His coldness as of the reality of parenting makes it to facilitate a great deal to spend in illustrate that offer little laugh and now as a great deal activity. Inferior, he feel compulsory, a hopeful Joey by half the personality.

American Improvers Inc
March 13th 2017

I wish if he never played any other roles. No matter what role he does, he will always be Joey for all of us. Nothing is going to change that. He is my favorite character in the series and I can’t see him as someone else.