Person to Person

Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Directed by Dustin Guy Defa

Jul 27, 2017 Issue #61 - Grizzly Bear
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An excitable record dealer (Bene Coopersmith) tracks down a rare score, while his moping roommate regrets uploading revenge porn of his ex to the Internet. Nearby, a fidgety reporter (Michael Cera) investigates a suspicious suicide case mostly to impress his new protégé (Abbi Jacobson). At the same time, an obnoxiously analytical teen (Tavi Gavinson) ponders her sexuality when her best friend sets her up with a cute boy (Ben Rosenfeld).

These loosely-connected story threads weave about one another in Dustin Guy Defa’s low-key comedy. Shot on 16mm and scored by a hip soundtrack, the movie looks like a vintage ‘70s NYC film, but the characters all feel like over-written, fabricated creatures likely more at home in a Woody Allen flick than the real world. The film’s biggest achievement is in the way it captures a Brooklyn afternoon so dryly that it transcends its mundanity and practically feels poignant. That none of these storylines seems like more than an average day for any of these characters is the most authentically New York thing about it.

Author rating: 5/10

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Average reader rating: 5/10


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August 15th 2017

This was an average flick. watched the movie on and it was not impressive.

September 12th 2017

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October 17th 2017

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Tint in Yuma
November 18th 2017

This looks good! Definitely gonna check it out.

December 5th 2017

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Mack Zona
December 22nd 2017

I loved this movie. It was playing in the scottsdale limo when we rented it.
January 17th 2018

I like it,

Jimmy Hillions
February 15th 2018

Will this movie just be online? I’d love to see it in a theater. I own laptop repair company in San Diego.

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February 28th 2018

I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. Not bad but probably could have been better.

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March 2nd 2018

wow, the hopeless explosion of the earth. We actually went to 2000. After the cheering sound fell down and the sound of the music sounded loudly

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April 24th 2018

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May 23rd 2018

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