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Wednesday, November 13th, 2019  

Com Truise

Persuasion System

Ghostly International

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A Spoonerism is an error in speech that makes for a hilarious rhyme, and Com Truise (a flub of Tom Cruise) is a smooth example. Com Truise is on par with bad salad (sad ballad), bedding wells (wedding bells), or ready as a stock (steady as a rock). Although, Seth Haley's Com Truise was probably deliberately made up because the mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk synthetic space traveller is too smart for error. Com Truise has no known imitators, but it does have a vast imagination.

Persuasion System progresses Haley's sublime, exploratory gravity from synthesizer workstations. Eight Ghostly International releases in, Com Truise is exploring unexpected digital environments, possibly telling a story of a character who went to space to escape oppression. Haley explains "Existence Schematic," the fast, knock-on-wood punch of Persuasion System that comes with an epilepsy warning on its YouTube visual: "Looking down at the landscape, seeing the lights in a schematic sort of way, wondering who or what is looking back up at me wondering the same things I am, the impact of a single existence, the end, the beginning, where it's gone and going." With no lyrics, Com Truise has enough drifting duality for original thought patterns, depending on the listener.

The song titles provoke research, and it is a wonder if Haley tried to explore the definitions through soundscape. "Gaussian" is the normal distribution in probability theory; "Ultrafiche of You" turns the page on copies of microphotographs, sheets of synth on a film reel; "Kontex" is a high-quality towel producer from Japan; and "Laconism" is pithiness of expression or style—elliptical and blunt—named after the ancient occupants of Laconia, Greece. If you think of the songs in the context of what the titles define, Persuasion System is an optimal collection with no borders.

In a complicated digital age, the best synthesizer music waves goodbye while looking back. Com Truise is staring into the clouds of a thunderstorm, pivoting between the past and the future. It is on the lighter side of heavy, and always crystalline. (

Author rating: 7.5/10

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