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Friday, March 5th, 2021  

The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Studio: FlixFling
Directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens

Mar 22, 2016 Web Exclusive
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Hector Hernandez Vicens’ horror thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz starts from an unthinkable act and escalates from there. When famous actress Anna Fritz’s corpse ends up in a hospital  morgue, orderly Pau snaps a picture and sends it to his two friends Ivan and Javi. The friends show up, half­ drunk and coked­ up, at the hospital to morbidly ogle the dead celebrity. After  disturbingly little back and forth, the opportunity to have sex with her corpse is seized. Saying  anything more would spoil things. Suffice it to say, with such a transgressive leap taken so  early, the only way through is to dive deeper into depravity.    

Though the worst, most selfish aspects of the human soul are on display here, The Corpse of Anna Fritz isn’t a gross­out fest a la ​The Human Centipede. Instead the film is more in line with  Michael Haneke’s terrifying ​Funny Games, where lack of motive or any sign of remorse is even  scarier than the relentless violence perpetrated. There’s inventiveness in the conceit, setting, and narrative but unfortunately, ​The Corpse of Anna Fritz doesn’t invoke the philosophical horror needed to take it out of B-­movie territory. Instead of satirical excess, we’re left with brutality that is shocking only on a visceral level and actions that are despicable but not totally, demonically unhinged.  

Author rating: 3.5/10

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Average reader rating: 10/10


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May 22nd 2019

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Michael Haneke’s terrifying ​Funny Games, where lack of motive or any sign of remorse is even scarier than the relentless violence perpetrated.