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Monday, March 30th, 2020  

The Lego Movie

Studio: Warner Bros.
Directed by Chris Miller & Phil Lord

Feb 05, 2014 Web Exclusive
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President Business—whose Octan corporation controls Bricksburg’s media, manufacturing, and construction industries, as well as its entire food supply chain—has plans to end the world as its known. The Bricksburgers, however, are oblivious to their benevolent leader’s true nature; they happily go about their days, drinking Octan-branded coffee, listening to their one single, Octan-controlled radio station which plays a single, Octan-approved song on endless loop, and following a set of written instructions for conforming to the city’s strict rules for a congruous norm. President Business—or, Lord Business, as his underlings must refer to him—has imprisoned the world’s leaders and free thinkers—the “master builders,” as they’re called—and forces citizens who don’t comply with his cultural norm to live in segregated communities, separated from each other by walls patrolled by the government-corporation’s robot police force.

Average schmoe Emmet is a construction worker under Octan’s employ; he spends his weekdays demolishing unique structures and replacing them with matching office buildings. When he stumbles on a lost artifact during one of his jobs, an agent from an underground rebel sect believes he may be the hero prophesized in legend, who can save the world from an evil dictator.

The Lego Movie presents one of the brightest-colored dystopian nightmares ever marketed to children. It’s also highly imaginative, wildly fun, and clever on multiple levels; it’s far more than the feature-length Lego commercial we all expected when the project was announced. Directors Miller and Lord, who helmed the animated Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and live-action 21 Jump Street, find a lot of fun in their enormous voice cast (Will Ferrell, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Charlie Day, and Liam Neeson, with many more recognizable guest voices) and an easy-on-the-eyes Lego animation style.

Youngsters will enjoy the fast action and cameos from Lego’s many licenses—Batman, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and the Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles appear, among other examples—while adults will be entertained by the self-aware jokes, or the dystopian satire hidden under a colorful surface. The Lego Movie is the most fun kids’ movie we’ve seen since Wreck-It Ralph.

Author rating: 8/10

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