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Protest: John Fetterman on Being Elected Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

"We just need to continually readjust and recalibrate in a much more fair, inclusive direction. I think what happened in Pennsylvania is pretty important and remarkable."

Jan 11, 2019

Three of the most important things in politics are timing, having a good story, and personality. And money. Money’s super important! But money can’t buy It. I don’t know where It comes from but I’ve covered the Fettermans for a few years and whatever It is, they have It. More

2018 Election: Braddock Mayor John Fetterman on Running for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

"We need a candidate who can bring those persuadable voters back to the party."

Mar 28, 2018

Ordinarily the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania would be a sleeper race. It’s the definition of a sleeper political race. But these are no ordinary times. Why does this matter in 2018? More