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The Guest’s Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett Talk Music and Filmmaking

How Music Shapes Their Films (Plus A Playlist That Informed The Guest)

Sep 17, 2014

The Guest is the latest feature from director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett. Their 2013 home invasion flick, You’re Next, made the two filmmakers household names among horror fans, but their creative collaboration spans eight films, including segments of the V/H/S and ABCs of Death anthologies. One of the unique aspects of their partnership is the way they use music to communicate ideas to each other during the writing phase of a project. While developing The Guest, Adam and Simon were mainlining a steady diet of vintage goth tracks and 1980s synth music. This playlist was culled from artists and songs mentioned during our conversation, and includes several tracks that appear in the film itself. Hit play, sit back, and check out our interview with Adam and Simon. More


The Guest

Directed by Adam Wingard

Sep 17, 2014

The Guest takes the tight action of the first Terminator, bathes it in Dario Argento’s feverish, kaleidoscopic color palette, and adds a pulsing John Carpenter-esque electronic soundtrack. More