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10 Best Original Adult Swim Characters and First Season Episodes

The Best of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Dec 18, 2020

I was a sophomore in college when I stumbled upon Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network Sunday nights. It may have been an old friend who turned me onto the programming—someone, like me, who enjoyed basements and glowing televisions and the occasional giant bong rip. But there was much more than just goofy humor to the original Adult Swim shows—that quartet of cartoons I’ll call the “First Four.” More


Dec 18, 2020

For those tuning in to the Adult Swim O.G. cartoon show, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, you may hear a familiar voice. No, you’re not hearing things—that is late night show host, Stephen Colbert, voicing villains with ray guns or judges with gavels. More

Dec 17, 2020

When speaking with voice actor, George Lowe, who famously portrayed Space Ghost on the quirky, at times goofy cartoon late night show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, it’s easy to get lost on little anecdote paths or avenues that lead to other stories More

Dec 16, 2020

For fans of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, the name Brak likely brings about a particular type of grin. We caught up with voice actor and writer, Andy Merrill, who voiced Brak, to talk about the character’s origin, if he is a “space cat,” or not and how Merrill first landed at Adult Swim. More

Dec 15, 2020

Sealab 2021, one of the four original Adult Swim shows that aired first in December 2000 and then later, more formally, in September 2001, was the underwater-set work comedy in which a group of scientists living in a submarine laboratory interact and get into trouble. We caught up with Matt Thompson, the show’s co-creator (thanks to the fine folks at HBO Max), to talk about how he first fell in love with animation, how Sealab 2021 found Adult Swim (and the Cartoon Network) and what he remembers most from making the show. More

Dec 14, 2020

For some, the 12-minute cartoon show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, available now on HBO Max, is a cult classic. With its odd, surreal humor and unelaborate though quirky animation, the television show struck a chord with twenty-something-year-old viewers when it aired in the early 2000s. We caught up with the creators of Aqua Teen Hunger ForceMatt Maiellaro and Dave Willis—to talk about their show’s beginnings, Adult Swim’s early years, and some room called The Fart Vault. More