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Amy Seimetz

No Place Like Home

Apr 26, 2013

Over the last four years, Amy Seimetz has become one of the most active and respected actresses in a fertile independent scene, appearing in films by Joe Swanberg, Lena Dunham, and, more recently, Shane Carruth and Ti West. She’s also a versatile talent, having produced films for other directors in addition to writing, directing, and editing her own. More


Apr 25, 2013

Sun Don’t Shine, Amy Seimetz‘s debut feature as writer/director, is an often discomfiting yet gorgeously impressionistic film. Beginning with a roadside fight between couple Leo (Kentucker Audley) and Crystal (Kate Lyn Sheil), the template is established. Intimations are cryptic and exposition is spare, but the destination for the couple is a dark one, foreshadowed as Leo reveals to Crystal that on their trip to the Everglades, “We’ve got to take a route that don’t make sense.”


Alexander the Last

Directed by Joe Swanberg; Starring: Jess Weixler, Justin Rice, Barlow Jacobs, Amy Seimetz and Jane Adams

Apr 06, 2009

If you can survive the disconcerting first 11 minutes of Joe Swanberg’s fifth feature, then you’ll be rewarded with an intriguing look at how artists struggle to sustain committed relationships, which are complicated by disciplines that allow performers to share intimate experiences with various collaborators. More