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Jul 08, 2014

W. Cullen Hart’s latest Circulatory System LP—a collage of Beatles-eque pop experiments and other sound scraps—offers a handful of inspired snippets mired in too much sluggish, avant-garde muck. Highlights include the whimsical “Aerial View of a Heart (From Above)” and “If You Think About It Now”—this project works best when Hart is dabbling in Sgt. Pepper/Kinks territory. More

Sep 22, 2009

Kurt Cobain once remarked caustically that he would only wear a tie-dyed t-shirt if it were made with “the urine of Phil Collins and the blood of Jerry Garcia.” Perhaps he was rolling over in his grave when Sufjan Stevens and his band opened the main stage of ATP day 2 decked out in oversized tie-dyes. Delivering a set comprised of 2004’s Seven Swans from start to finish, Stevens announced that, “this is a set for your hangovers.” More