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Wednesday, February 28th, 2024  


Sep 20, 2012

Tonight, Stars and Diamond Rings will kick off a two-month jaunt. And what better way to cement that magical tourmate relationship than to remix each other’s work? More

Oct 20, 2011

Diamond Rings recently brought their synthpop touch to pop touchstone Teenage Fanclub.We have the resulting cover. More


Oct 24, 2012

It all goes wrong so quickly. Diamond Rings’ (otherwise known as Canadian musician John O’Regan) sophomore album Free Dimensional opens with a wall of melodramatic synths and drum machines. More

Dec 10, 2010

Let me just start by saying this: The debut album from Diamond Rings sounds like a synth-rock orgy between early-garage-über-experimental-Vince Clarke-Depeche Mode, glam-era Bowie and The Strokes. More