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Peter Murphy (of Bauhaus) Has Had a Heart Attack

He is Currently in a New York City Hospital

Aug 14, 2019

Peter Murphy (formerly of goth/post-punk legends Bauhaus) had a heart attack Tuesday night in New York City, his publicist has revealed in a press release. The 62-year-old is currently in the hospital recovering. More

Mar 25, 2014

The godfather of darkwave, Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy, will release his tenth studio album Lion on June 2. More


Oct 01, 2006

Gothic rock, death rock, darkwave…there are countless labels that attempt to pin down a phenomenon in rock music that leans toward the darker side of human nature-thematically, stylistically, lyrically, and melodically. It peeked out at the world at certain moments in music throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s with songs like The Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs,” David Bowie’s “The Bewlay Brothers,” and Brian Eno’s “Driving Me Backwards.” But it didn’t really break through the surface in a big way until shortly after the punk movement, and Bauhaus were one of-if not the first-acts to introduce it to a wide audience. More


Sep 04, 2014

Peter Murphy first made his name as the frontman for Bauhaus, the prototypical goth rock band. All these years later, Murphy still sings like David Bowie’s evil twin and can erect a cemetery of darkened synths, guitars, and drums like nobody’s business. More