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Sunn O))) — Sunn O))) & Boris present Altar at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, September 7th, 2010

Sunn O))) photo sets

Sunn O))) & Boris present Altar at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, September 7th, 2010


Aug 11, 2015

Last weekend Katowice, Poland hosted the tenth annual edition of OFF Festival. More

May 26, 2015

On November 19-22, Utrecht, Netherlands will once again host Le Guess Who? Festival. More

Jul 17, 2014

Recently, 4AD teased us with a mysterious image that was later confirmed to reference an upcoming collaboration between pop crooner turned avant-garde master Scott Walker and ambient metal group Sunn O))). More

Scott Walker and Sunn O))) Working On Album

Avant-Garde Legend Teams Up With Experimental Metal Band

Jul 02, 2014

If you’re one of 4AD’s twitter followers, you may have noticed the mysterious image the label tweeted this morning. The label later confirmed with The Quietus that is a promo for an upcoming album from Scott Walker and drone metal band Sunn O))). More

All Tomorrow’s Parties NY Announces Additional Line-up

Under the Radar Favorites Avi Buffalo, Sonic Youth, and Vivian Girls Slated to Play

Mar 25, 2010

All Tomorrow’s Parties NY is set to take place September 3rd though the 5th at Kutsher’s Country Club in Monticello New York. The third day of the event will be guest curated by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch who has handpicked favorites SUNN O))) and Hope Sandoval among others to perform. Meanwhile, September 3rd is “Don’t Look Back” day, where musicians perform classic albums in full. We have the line up. Other recent additions include Tortoise, Avi Buffalo, Bardo Pond, BEAK>, Dungen, and others. More


Dec 12, 2019

After plumbing the depths of drone, ambient, and metal genres for 21 years, Sunn O))) are still uncovering new ways to create deep sounds and resonant frequencies. More

Dec 03, 2015

It’ll be a damn shame if Kannon gets regarded as one of Sunn O)))‘s minor works simply for taking up less vinyl real estate and possessing fewer aesthetic points of interest than its predecessors (burying guest vocalist Malefic alive in a coffin to get a creeped out performance being chief amongst these). More

Feb 11, 2014

Sunn O)))‘s compositions sound delicate despite carrying the weight of a Mack Truck. It’s not until eight minutes into Terrestrials’ opening trackwhen quiet rumblings give way to a foreboding horn blastis Ulver‘s presence truly felt. More

Sep 11, 2010

One riff is all it took to destroy the venue’s power.

How fucking metal is that?


Aug 20, 2009

Fans get a known quantity with each new Sunn O))) record. Bowel-rumbling, droning guitars that plod along like continental plates; the official duo of Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley accompanied by a rotating cast of guest stars; a dependable amount of experimentation in the recording process; and so on. More