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Monday, May 27th, 2024  


Aug 20, 2014

On Oct 21 Thurston Moore will release his new solo album The Best Day via Matador. More

Aug 15, 2014

Last night the former Sonic Youth troubadour debuted his new project Thurston Moore Band at Café OTO in London. More


Oct 27, 2023

Any artist figuratively bragging about bleeding for their craft would be stopped short by Thurston Moore’s Sonic Life: A Memoir. That’s not only because of the doorstopper’s near 500 page heft, but also because the Sonic Youth guitarist makes those pages whiz by with jolting anecdotes, including one about how he repeatedly lacerated his finger, spurting blood across the stage, while playing his famously abrasive riffs. Or as he puts it, during a recent video call with Under the Radar: “A whirlwind of thrashing.” More