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99 Days

Written by Matte Casali; Art by Kristian Donaldson; Cover by Lee Bermejo

Aug 16, 2011

In 99 Days, Los Angeles Detective Antoine Boshoso Davis is constantly vexed by his nightmares of a Rwandan boy about to commit a grisly act of murder that no child should commit or even witness. More

Noche Roja

Written by Simon Oliver; Art by Jason Latour; Cover by Lee Bermejo

Mar 04, 2011

Writer Simon Oliver (The Exterminators, Gen¹³) and artist Jason Latour’s (Daredevil: Black and White, Scalped) killer noir Noche Roja is a hard-boiled example of how Vertigo’s sub-imprint can truly make old genres fresh again. More

A Sickness in the Family

Written by Denise Mina; art by Antonio Fuso

Nov 01, 2010

One of the Vertigo Crime original hardcovers, A Sickness in the Family sets a compellingly creepy mood. The focus is on the Usher family, who may look normal and even enviable on the surface, but cracks in the family facade offer a view at selfishness, philandering, corruption, and disappointment. More


Written by Andersen Gabrych; Art by Brade Rader; Cover by Lee Bermejo

Aug 11, 2010

It’s been a full year since Vertigo Crime launched, and if Fogtown is any indication, they’re still ironing out their experimental branch of noirish storytelling. More