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Wednesday, January 26th, 2022  
Under the Radar’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Part 6: Books and Graphic Novels

Dec 16, 2021 By Mark Redfern

For the sixth installment of our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide we take a look at some of our favorite pop culture pops from the last year. Included are some good reads for kids, books that would appeal to comic book fans and film buffs, and more. More

Under the Radar’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Part 5: Collectibles, Toys, and More

Dec 14, 2021 By Mark Redfern

It’s been a tough couple of years, so when giving and receiving gifts this holiday season why not make it fun? No one needs boring socks and gift certificates. If it’s a sweater, then why not an “ugly” one featuring their favorite movie and TV characters? If it’s a TV, then why not a tiny one that only shows clips from the 1960s Batman show? If it’s bookends, then why not Andy Warhol ones inspired by the cover art to an iconic Velvet Underground album? With Part 5 of our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide we present some amusing collectibles, toys, and other gifts to brighten up the holidays of a child or those still in touch with their inner-child. Gifts to make the holidays fun. More

Jimmy Eat World – Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of “Bleed American”

Dec 14, 2021 By Austin Saalman

In that bleary dream-state between second and third wave “emo,” the cultural aesthetic of darkened bedrooms and scribbled notebooks began to give way to abundances of sensualized goth-lite storefronts and cultivated Myspace personas. In the face of this grand empire’s course, however, four Average Joe’s from Mesa, AZ managed to lend their collective hand to a brief, if not memorable genre revolution. More

Under the Radar Holiday Gift Guide 2021, Part 4: Video Games

Dec 09, 2021 By Austin Trunick and Mark Redfern

Gaming gifts, plugged in. More

My Bloody Valentine – Reflecting on the 30th Anniversary of “Loveless”

Dec 08, 2021 By Austin Saalman

Dropped on November 4, 1991, My Bloody Valentine’s sophomore effort Loveless arrived on the heels of musical landmarks Nevermind, Ten, Out of Time, and Gish, and also shared the UK release date of Bandwagonesque, placing the Irish-English alt rockers alongside their most distinguished peers. Perhaps in its own unique sense, Loveless outshines the best of them, despite its continued status as an underground classic. More

Under the Radar’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3: Blu-rays, DVDs, and 4K

Dec 06, 2021 By Austin Trunick

The Best in Home Video for your Gift-Giving Needs. More

Under the Radar’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1: Tabletop Games

Nov 23, 2021 By Austin Trunick

The year’s best gifts for roleplaying and board gamers. More

25 Years of “Star Trek: First Contact”

Nov 22, 2021 By Steve King

25 years ago, Star Trek: First Contact was released in theaters and fundamentally altered the Star Trek universe forever. First Contact had it all. Time travel, the Borg, the first warp flight, and tommy guns! Though the Next Generation crew had already graced the silver screen in Star Trek: Generations, that film was more of a hand-off from the Original Series films to the Next Gen crew. Captains Kirk and Picard shared the adventure, and with Kirk’s death (SPOILER!), the reins of the franchise were passed to Picard. But First Contact was next level Trek. More