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Lana Del Rey – Reflecting on the 10th Anniversary of “Paradise”

Nov 11, 2022

“Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend,” sings indie pop phenomenon Lana Del Rey on her beguiling, if overlooked Paradise EP, identifying herself yet again as a neon lovechild of popular culture, and further mythologizing herself as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Lou Reed – Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of “Transformer”

Nov 09, 2022

Effectively closing what had been a key year in glam rock, Lou Reed’s sophomore solo effort Transformer swiftly left its mark upon the face of popular culture, with the former Velvet Underground frontman introducing his grittily transgressive artistic sensibilities to a fresh decade.

Election 2022: Punching in a Dream During America’s Flop Era

Nov 08, 2022

Well, it’s almost over, guys. Oh, you thought I meant the midterm elections? No, I mean American democracy. Haha, lol.

Bat For Lashes – Reflecting on the 10th Anniversary of “The Haunted Man”

Oct 12, 2022

After returning from her exhausting Two Suns tour in 2010, English singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natasha Khan, otherwise known as indie pop favorite Bat For Lashes, experienced a crippling bout of writer’s block, which lead her to contact Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke.

Bruce Springsteen – Reflecting on the 40th Anniversary of “Nebraska”

Sep 30, 2022

In the aftermath of 1980’s maximalist double LP The River, Bruce Springsteen, still another two years out from his official mainstream breakthrough, headed in the opposite sonic direction on 1982’s bleak Nebraska.

The Killers – Reflecting on the 10th Anniversary of “Battle Born”

Sep 19, 2022

Among its decade’s most underrated releases, The Killers’ fourth studio album Battle Born arrived in the aftermath of the group’s brief hiatus, eschewing the glitz and glamor of 2008’s hit-and-miss Day & Age and picking up where 2006’s heartland rock extravaganza Sam’s Town left off six years prior.

Bloodstone – Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of Their Self-Titled Debut Album

Sep 19, 2022

Having begun as a teenage doo wop outfit in Kansas City, Missouri, Bloodstone gracefully evolved into a radical force within the era’s burgeoning progressive soul movement, embracing elements of pop, funk, and psychedelia, and emerging as leading architects of the funk rock fusion genre.

House of the Dragon: A Character Primer

Aug 15, 2022 Web Exclusive

An introduction to the nine principal characters of House of the Dragon and how the show may, or may not, change series creator George R.R. Martin’s source material, taken from his in-universe history book, Fire & Blood, Volume I.

My Chemical Romance – Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of “I Brought You My Bullets…”

Jul 22, 2022

Among third wave emo’s most commercially successful groups, My Chemical Romance emerged with a fury from New Jersey, the state itself being fertile ground for the post-hardcore and emo scenes, having birthed such major genre acts as Midtown, Thursday, and Senses Fail, as well as the lesser known but equally deserving Armor for Sleep and Hidden in Plain View.