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My First Dead Experience

May 04, 2009 By Frank Valish The Dead

This spring, for the first time since 2004, surviving members of the Grateful Dead, now simply christened the Dead, are hitting the touring circuit. There is no new album or promotional agenda other than the band’s support of things like legacy, nostalgia, and the common musical bond that has united the Dead with its fanbase for more than 40 years. The names are common and household, even without the late Jerry Garcia-guitarist Bob Weir, bassist Phil Lesh, and drummers Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, rounded out by current keyboardist Jeff Chimenti and, last but certainly not least, filling the co-frontman position, Gov’t Mule leader and guitarist extraordinaire Warren Haynes. More

Chuck: A Life Too Short?

May 01, 2009 By Jim Scott Web Exclusive

While the prime time fascination with dead bodies, cops, doctors, and lawyers continues its relentless march, it’s sad to see some of television’s most creative shows on the chopping block. Yes, you can watch one CSI or another seemingly all day and all night, but a funny, clever, and involving show like NBC’s Chuck can’t find a big enough audience to justify a third season. Tragic. More

Coachella Day Two: The Notorious Late Bloomer

Apr 19, 2009 By Michele Yamamoto TV on the Radio

The last time I’d checked, it was 94 degrees. We were essentially parked on Jefferson Street, missing Blitzen Trapper as a woman grinded the driver’s side headrest of her friend’s convertible VW bug. More

Coachella Day One: I Already Have Bruises On My Feet

Apr 18, 2009 By Michele Yamamoto M. Ward

The Coachella weekend always opens on an optimistic note. Free gerber daisies on the way in, scalpers shouting at the lines, clean and crisp official schedules—or in my case, a crumpled up printout covered in highlighter markings, shared with a friend. More

Mar 22, 2009 By Evan Rytlewski

SXSW’s biggest headliners made their final push Saturday, while comedians Eugene Mirman and Todd Barry ribbed the festival’s less distinguished performers. More

Mar 21, 2009 By Evan Rytlewski

The Thermals, Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Okkervil River overextend themselves, while Camera Obscura charms at the Under the Radar party. More

Mar 20, 2009 By Evan Rytlewski

Mar 20, 2009 By Evan Rytlewski

Befitting a festival that coincides with spring break, downtown Austin takes on a mardi gras air during the annual SXSW conference. More

Mar 11, 2009 By Gary Knight

I used to get annoyed with my older brother when he would fight with my mom and then run off to his room to listen to loud music. The melodrama associated with the act, aside, I never felt he was in the right to approximate the words and music of a band like Black Flag or Pink Floyd to suit his particular situation, all in the name of justifying his feelings or emboldening his actions. Sort of the way people manipulate The Bible if it’s convenient for them. More