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+On my way home+

From the Road Part 4: White Sea’s Morgan Kibby on Tour with M83

Across the Pond

Jan 28, 2012 M83 By Morgan Kibby Bookmark and Share

Poland. Berlin. Amsterdam. Paris. London. Home stretch. NYC admittedly took every ounce of anything out of me, and after sleeping for a scant two hours on Thanksgiving, we piled into the van and headed to JFK. I would have done just about anything to sleep more, so I promptly collapsed into a pile of drool the moment we got on the plane.

We landed to slate grey everything, but Teresa and I managed to rustle up some pierogis and a bottle of wine the moment we got to the hotel.

I holed up in our hotel room the next day to work on a remix, and the show went by without incident (read: more delicious pierogis). Went to bed feeling totally worn down, and by the time we got to Berlin, yours truly was off to the hospital. 30 mins later, antibiotics in hand and in a deep contemplative “should I move to Europe for their health care” frame of mind, I was rolled into my bunk and told to stay there until the show. Drugged up, smiling ear to ear and practically propped up by my keyboard, the glorious show went on (thank you Berlin for not throwing anything at me). Paris was nice as I saw friends (more on Paris later). Amsterdam was, as always, an adventure (for the obvious reasons). And London marked our final stop of the first run:

Heaven, a place (I am told by Jordan our bass player) made famous for Freddy Mercury orgies and a lifetime of general debauchery. No black light, thank you.

However London was definitely special for one reason: I reconnected with my best friend from the 1st grade. It always amazes me the opportunities tour affords you, and re-connecting with loved ones is high on the list. Mishana was staying somewhere fancy on her way to Dubai for PhD research and insisted on ordering room service for us after the show. What a damn treat. The ordering of food went a little like this:

Handsome waiter: “What would you like, madam?”

Me: “I don’t have a menu, I have no idea!”

Handsome waiter: “No, what would you LIKE madam?”

Mishana: “I think we’re in the mood for Mediterranean food. Does that sound good, Morgan?”

Me: “Um….yes?”

POOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!! Baller. P.I.M.P. All of these words floated through my mind. Anyways, moving on, it was a delicious meal, and I was ecstatic for such a lovely time with a dear long lost friend.

It is here that the timeline splits. We ended the tour the next day, but instead of going home, I headed on a lark back to Paris to visit another dear friend, Eva Husson, who actually introduced Anthony and myself in the first place several years back. We cooked, we laughed, we went Christmas shopping, she tried to steal my favorite bra (see below)…normal girl stuff.

Finally back in the states, I went into full holiday mode, though I have to admit it didn’t really feel very festive this year. It’s hard to switch between a routine of touring and then standstill… Luckily I had lots to occupy myself, including heading into the studio with my project White Sea to record a new song at the famous Sound City with Kevin Augunas.

After two incredibly “growing pains” nights at the Nokia, we were off to the UK once again, armed with puffy coats and NyQuil. I’m excited to see the English countryside through my bunk window, but I’m already dreaming of a surfboard and the coast of Australia…. That’s where you’ll hear from me next. If I drown, if I disappear into the Australian sand… well, I’m happy. Don’t cry for me.

+Anthony snatching sleep in Poland+

+Morgan and Band Squirrel+

+M83 Band Squirrel+



+Jordan as Bowie+

+Babies in Amsterdam+

+Teresa Ran Out of Tape+

+Lolo of “Hanna” - Part Time Drummer for M83+

+Let me tell you ‘bout my BEST FRIEND Mishana!+

+Eva and my awesome bra (her awesome tittays!)+

+Luxury in Paris+

+Masks and shiz+




+Birthday gift for Tony+


+F.Y.I. I’m a Jew and this is a solstice bush+

+Me and Princess Tay Tay Coco+

+Studio with White Sea+

+Ray and Amy+

+Making Chocolate Mousse+

+New Year+

+Pre-Nokia Rehearsals+

+Babies back on the bus+

+Wazzup bitches!!!!! ... carry on+

+New Friends in Bristol+


+Me and Tony nerding out on our fave show: The Bachelor!!+


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Nil Waugh
January 29th 2012

Such a pretty cool post you shared. sounds really enjoyable here. Looks you enjoyed every moment. Thanks for sharing such a nice post and keep it up.

February 8th 2012

I would love to know more info on the bra myself…brand, etc.

February 19th 2012

Hi Jon   What a flboauus trip and experence for you!  Say hi to Nina.  Enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your pictures.  You will have the time of your life!Love,Aunt Mary (and everyone else here)

February 19th 2012

Jon,Your mom fradorwed me your pictures and notes.  Knew you were going to love your trip.  We’re so happy you got this chance to experience new things.  Good luck with the working part.  Know you will enjoy all of it.  Looking forward to seeing you in June.Momma T and Poppa T.

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NYC admittedly took every ounce of anything out of me, and after sleeping for a scant two hours on Thanksgiving.

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April 3rd 2012
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