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Guest Blog: Amanda Tannen of stellastarr*

I Made It Myself: A Playlist Blog

Jul 15, 2009 By Amanda Tannen Web Exclusive
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As part of a new regular feature, artists tackle theme-oriented mixtapes/playlists. We supply the theme, they supply the mix. Our inaugural I Made It Myself blog was written by stellastarr* bassist Amanda Tannen. The NYC-based band’s third album, Civilized, was released last week on the band’s own Bloated Wife Records. Amanda Tannen scores the intersection of “love” and “indecisiveness” by tackling the theme “I Think I Love You.”

“I Think I Love You”

Looking at this subject for a mixtape might seem so done to death, one might puke, but… the keyword in the subject is, “think”. Being a little indecisive sometimes, I “think” I might LIKE this one. Ha!

1. Lou Reed: “I Love You” ⎯ OK, as a heads up, I am a bit jaded when it comes to love, so my favorite love songs may seem a little sad to others, but to me they are an outlet to show the many faces of love. Lou Reed isn’t afraid of saying I love you in this song, but the last lyrics in this song are, “At least for now, I love you.” You go Lou, being true. Love is fleeting.

2. The Magnetic Fields: “I Don’t Really Love You Anymore” ⎯ What mix about love would be complete without a song from my favorite musical Eeyore. To me, this song is about trying to convince yourself you don’t care, while making large sacrifices of yourself and making them seem trivial just for a smile from that certain someone.

3. Jonathan Richman: “Springtime In New York” ⎯ This song interweaves a song about springtime in my hometown and a springtime relationship. It could be me or anyone else that I know he is observing. It is 74 and beautiful for just a couple weeks. Then “poof” it turns into a hot den of hell. (Being a New Yorker, I have learned to enjoy living in hell, just fuel for the fire.)

4. Bob Dylan: “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” ⎯ This is for when the realization comes, that what you have been hoping to get in return from someone is never going to come. It is a love song about the love that was never there, the hope that was, and the anger that is left.

5. Chris Isaak: “Somebody’s Crying” ⎯ This one is on here for those nights when you can’t sleep because your mind is racing thinking about the stupid thing you said and the flippant reaction you got. Are they “playing?” Did they see me blush? Are they not sleeping either?

6. Leonard Cohen: “So Long, Marianne” ⎯ L. Cohen is one of the best lyricists ever to be born. And he has love down pat, or at least the break up part. I had a hard time just picking only one song of his songs. This one sits very dear to my heart. It is time to say goodbye when the passion is gone and all you have left is fondness, safety, and comfort. When you have been longing to feel anything again, be it to laugh or cry.

7. Nick Drake: “Time Has Told Me” ⎯ Stop over thinking and realize what you have is amazing, so enjoy it as much as you possibly can. Sometimes what you have is worth compromising for. But when it comes down to it, the other one has to agree with this thinking.

8. The Replacements: “Kiss Me On the Bus” ⎯ Don’t we all love a little PDA? If you really like me you wouldn’t be so coy. It may not be love, but why not have some fun while in public transport to make the time pass?

9. The Ramones: “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” ⎯ Simple, to the point and perfect, just The Ramones’ way. I wish all my relationships could be this way. “Do you love me babe? What do you say?”

10. Spiritualized: “Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space” ⎯ I fell in love with Jason Pierce the first time I heard this. It was the first Spiritualized song I had ever heard. Therefore, I had to chose this one over many other Spiritualized songs. “Only fools rush in.” But I still fell in love with you. It reminds me of a song in round, like row your boat. It just keeps getting passed along to the next person to start singing.

11. Mazzy Star: “Fade Into You” ⎯ So fuzzy, yes? No hard edges to speak of. This song makes me feel very sentimental, blurry and lost in memory.

12. Slowdive: “40 Days” ⎯ This song makes me think of touring while trying to keep a relationship. 40 days isn’t too long. We can wait, right? I’ll just watch you smile through this photo I’ll keep along with me. If I see something new, don’t worry, I won’t care.

OK, I think you can tell it’s a bit late, all my mix tape songs are getting covered in reverb. Good night to all you indecisive lovebirds out there!


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Gary Knight
July 15th 2009

Was listening to “Time Has Told Me” on the way to work this morning. Beautiful song. Great list.

Russian Woman
February 17th 2010

Thanks for the post. Amanda Tannen is great! It’s a wonderful playlist. Allsongs are amazing!

June 2nd 2010

I love your playlist, one of my favorites is Somebody’s Crying by Chris Isaak, just a great song, I always reflect when hearing it. By the way, I love this blog, good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Square Peg Web
June 29th 2010

The songs of the play list have excellent musical.Now most of us doing well.But still city remembers king of pop’s album..

facebook layouts
July 14th 2010

I wanna to be boyfriend and somebody’s crying is wonderful musical entertainment.Rest of other songs are quite well.

Miami Delivery
August 4th 2010

can u tell us exactly what it is

September 15th 2010

Great list. I’m a sucker for love songs whether they be in the form of a slow song or a rock song.

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