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Sunday, June 13th, 2021  
Violent Femmes – Gordon Gano on “Blister in the Sun” and 40 Years With the Band

May 24, 2021 Web Exclusive

As soon as the bouncy guitar riff from Violent Femmes’ enduring pop hit, “Blister in the Sun,” comes on the stereo, likely you’re immediately boosted into a good mood. Then the childlike snare drums clap and the helium-like singing voice of the band’s frontman, Gordon Gano, comes in and the melody-induced grin on your face is complete. But how did that song come about? Why did Gano first write it? More

Georgia Anne Muldrow on Her New Album “Vweto III”

May 21, 2021 Web Exclusive

Black Lives Matter isn’t merely a worthy cause for Georgia Anne Muldrow. It’s instead the bare minimum, says the socially conscious alt-R&B Grammy nominee. “We can begin to not only advocate for Black people, but to adore them. Not just Black Lives Mattering,” Muldrow tells Under the Radar over Zoom ahead of the release of her new album, Vweto III (which is out today). More


May 20, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

When the members of the Japanese four-piece band CHAI were younger they never would have imagined collaborating with their idols. Twins Mana and Kana along with high school pal, Yuna, and future friend, Yuuki, were happy just to be making their own music. But with an infectious stage show along with a message of pink positivity, friends came quickly. More

Mdou Moctar on “Afrique Victime”

May 19, 2021 Web Exclusive

Mdou Moctar is a Nigerien guitar virtuoso, but he’ll be the last to admit his virtuosity. He’s far more humble than that. More

Leon Bridges on His New Album “Gold-Diggers Sound” and New Single “Motorbike”

May 14, 2021 Web Exclusive

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, Leon Bridges, has one of the best voices on the planet. But it’s not one that he throws out bombastically or haphazardly. Rather, Bridges is often reserved, measured, composed. More

Matt Berry on Fame, Songwriting, ABBA, and His New Album

May 13, 2021 Web Exclusive

When seen in one light, actor and musician Matt Berry could be thought of as a Shakespearean performer. His big, booming British-accented voice could easily fit atop the dialogue in Macbeth or Othello. Yet, Berry doesn’t limit himself to these traditionally prestigious roles. He is a comedian, at heart, able to give monologues that both compel and bust your sides. But even more than that, Berry is also a musician of great facility, capable of writing a stripped-down folk song as much as he is performing acid jazz. More

Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire on Her New Solo Album “Detritus”

May 12, 2021 Web Exclusive

This is a new season for Sarah Neufeld in every imaginable way. As the hold of a global pandemic slowly loosens its grip, life for the talented artist and composer is slower and perhaps more substantive. And the music is only partly to blame. As spring is here and the summer approaches for an ever-opening world, the Arcade Fire violinist has two new projects on offer. More

Cautious Clay on His Upcoming New Album “Deadpan Love”

May 11, 2021 Web Exclusive

Joshua Karpeh—better known by his stage name, Cautious Clay—has the voice of an angel. His music is blissful, caring. It’s not concerned with flash and frivolity. Rather, it’s personal and exists independently, outside trend (though admittedly it is rather popular and likely only going to become more so). More