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Sunday, December 4th, 2022  
Aubrey Haddard on “Awake and Talking”

Sep 09, 2022 Web Exclusive

Aubrey Haddard’s new record begins with a bright hum, like someone just switched on the lights. A beat enters, and a chorus of Haddards drop in like bells. The sound evokes a vivid image of a tall, wide hall, lined with Grecian columns, floating somewhere in outer space. More

Roxy Music – Phil Manzanera on the 50th Anniversary Tour

Sep 09, 2022 Web Exclusive

It’s the news that their fans may not have dared to hope for. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their debut album, Roxy Music—Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera, and Paul Thompson—have embarked on an arena tour that brings the band back together for the first time since their 2011 For Your Pleasure shows. More

October Drift On “I Don’t Belong Anywhere”

Sep 05, 2022 Web Exclusive

October Drift’s Kiran Roy discusses their second album, I Don’t Belong Anywhere. More

Directors Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson on Psychological Thriller “Rogue Agent”

Aug 24, 2022 Web Exclusive

Directors Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson open up about their first movie, Rogue Agent. More

TVAM on “High Art Lite”

Aug 23, 2022 Web Exclusive

TVAM releases his sophomore album “High Art Lite” in October. More

Kate Bosworth on Her Emotionally Taxing Role in “The Immaculate Room”

Aug 19, 2022 Web Exclusive

Kate Bosworth opens up about the joys and challenges of her newest film, “The Immaculate Room.” More

Why Bonnie on “90 in November”

Aug 19, 2022 Web Exclusive

If you’ve experienced the slow boil simmer of an August day in Houston, you know the only way to move around outside of the A/C is slowly and deliberately. More

First Issue Revisited: Grandaddy on “The Sophtware Slump”

Aug 19, 2022 Issue #69 - 20th Anniversary Issue

“I remember, back then I was kind of at the height of my powers: finally having a little bit of budget, and useful drive and creativity and capacity to experiment.” More

First Issue Revisited: Ladytron on “604”

Aug 18, 2022 Issue #69 - 20th Anniversary Issue

Ladytron’s debut album, 604, proved that you can acknowledge your musical influences whilst at the same time bring something fresh and exciting to the table. More