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Friday, February 23rd, 2024  
John Cale on “MERCY”

Nov 06, 2023 Issue #71 - Weyes Blood and Black Belt Eagle Scout

Joined by a star-studded cast of Welsh musicians (Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers) who count themselves as his musical offspring, John Cale celebrated his 80th birthday in October of 2022 with a headlining performance at the Llais Festival in his native Wales. More

Emma Anderson on “Pearlies”

Nov 04, 2023 Web Exclusive

Former Lush singer, songwriter, and guitarist Emma Anderson talks about her debut album and future plans. More

Slaney Bay on Their Latest EP “Why Does Love Mean Loss?”

Nov 03, 2023

Some bands arrive in a blaze of publicity, while others set about quietly crafting their music without bells or whistles. Take London trio Slaney Bay, for example, composed of Cait Whitley (lead singer), William Nicola Thompson (lead guitarist), and Joel Martin (bassist). More

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Jim Reid on the 25th Anniversary of “Munki”

Oct 30, 2023 Web Exclusive

Jim Reid sounds laidback and relaxed when discussing the re-release of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s sixth studio album, Munki. It’s a far cry from the slightly tense interviews of their youth, in which brothers William and Jim Reid often looked like they’d rather be anywhere else on earth than being questioned by the media. You could hardly blame them given some of the generic and uninformed questions they were asked by perma-tanned MTV hosts such as, “So tell me…how did you guys meet?” More

Viji on Her Debut Album “So Vanilla” and Working with Dan Carey

Oct 27, 2023 Web Exclusive

“I definitely have the travel bug; I can never seem to stay in one place,” confesses the Vienna-born, Brazilian-Austrian artist, Vanilla Jenner, known by her stage name Viji. More

Duran Duran – Nick Rhodes on Their New Halloween-Themed Album “Danse Macabre”

Oct 27, 2023 Web Exclusive

Dubbed by many as “The Controller,” synth magician Nick Rhodes jointly formed Duran Duran out of Birmingham, UK with bass player John Taylor in the late 1970s. Rhodes has been a constant in the shifting line-ups of the band since the very beginning. More

Thurston Moore on His New Book “Sonic Life: A Memoir”

Oct 27, 2023 Web Exclusive

Any artist figuratively bragging about bleeding for their craft would be stopped short by Thurston Moore’s Sonic Life: A Memoir. That’s not only because of the doorstopper’s near 500 page heft, but also because the Sonic Youth guitarist makes those pages whiz by with jolting anecdotes, including one about how he repeatedly lacerated his finger, spurting blood across the stage, while playing his famously abrasive riffs. Or as he puts it, during a recent video call with Under the Radar: “A whirlwind of thrashing.” More

Jamila Woods on “Water Made Us”

Oct 25, 2023 Web Exclusive

Jamila Woods blinded herself while readying her new album, Water Made Us, for release. Specifically, the Chicago neo-soul singer and poet worked with Birdee, known for ethereal underwater photography, to shoot album artwork that would reflect the album’s title, lyrical motifs, and overall themes about the ebb and flow, tumultuous currents, and ocean depth of love. More

Caroline Rose on “The Art of Forgetting”

Oct 24, 2023 Issue #71 - Weyes Blood and Black Belt Eagle Scout

Back in early 2020, Caroline Rose (who uses they/them pronouns) was gearing up to release their fourth album, Superstar. The concept album featured Rose as a larger-than-life pop singer, and Rose the real singer had spent months and months constructing every moment of the record. But then the pandemic struck, and Superstar’s release was stifled. More