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Friday, August 19th, 2022  

Jan 01, 2006 Dungen

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The Coral

Jan 01, 2006 Web Exclusive

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Comets On Fire

Jan 01, 2006 Web Exclusive

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Isobel Campbell

Jan 01, 2006 Isobel Campbell

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Arab Strap

Jan 01, 2006 Arab Strap

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Jan 01, 2006 Autolux

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Dead Heart Bloom

Jan 01, 2006 Dead Heart Bloom

Dead Heart Bloom is the product of ex-Phaser member, Boris Skalsky, who handles the majority of writing, performing, and recording duties for his new band. Stylistically, Skalsky’s music nearly runs the gamut, capable of sudden turns, from Sea Change-era Beck to Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys. More

Xu Xu Fang

Jan 01, 2006 Xu Xu Fang

Featuring former members of The Warlocks and Hovercraft, Los Angeles’ Xu Xu Fang pack a dark, noir-inspired sound that ranges from meditative—soothing vocal drones, ambient keyboards, tripped-out space guitars, and found sounds—to aggressive—dance numbers that would suggest a harder version of Garbage. Underneath it all looms an appreciation for the bold melodies of Ennio Morricone. More