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Michel Gondry

Sep 02, 2006 Michel Gondry

French director Michel Gondry is internationally renowned for his award-winning commercials, music videos, and feature films. More

Andrew Bujalski

Sep 02, 2006 Andrew Bujalski

Instead of riding into Hollywood with his enviable press clippings in tow, Bujalski directed his second feature, Mutual Appreciation, in Brooklyn in October 2003. More

The Dears

Jul 01, 2006 Summer 2006 - The Dears

“My glamorous lifestyle is catching up with me,” says Dears songwriter and vocalist Murray Lightburn from what he describes as a “fucking lame hotel” in Sydney, Australia. Though he’s a talkative and engaging man, two weeks of European promotional interviews for his band’s third full-length release, Gang of Losers, have left him with little excitement for explaining either his songwriting approaches, his thoughts on the Canadian scene, or the rationale behind stripping his band’s orchestral pop sound down to its bare elements. More

Camera Obscura

Jul 01, 2006 Summer 2006 - The Dears

If you’re in a Scottish band and the gray, miserable weather of Glasgow in late Fall bums you out, there are few options for feeling better. If you’re Stuart Murdoch, you fill notebooks with stories of funny little frogs and goateed baseball catchers until the sun comes out again. If you’re Mogwai, you turn your amps up until your ears bleed and you can’t feel much of anything. But if you’re Tracyanne Campbell of sweet-tempered sweater-rockers Camera Obscura, you simply skip town to make a record in Sweden. More

Grizzly Bear

Jul 01, 2006 Summer 2006 - The Dears

“You haven’t made it until you’re in the Winchester Daily Gazette,” says Ed Droste. The 27-year-old singer/guitarist and founding member of Brooklyn-based Grizzly Bear is explaining what fame is, according to his parents. Despite the band having been written about in some of the world’s biggest music publications, which have taken notice of Grizzly Bear’s experimental and elegiac folk, Droste’s mother and father are holding judgment until their son is featured in the local New Hampshire paper. More

Cate Shortland

Apr 02, 2006 Cate Shortland

Cate Shortland didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a filmmaker or rubbing shoulders with international celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival, but that’s where the Australian director found herself two years ago when her feature-length debut, Somersault, premiered as a selection in the festival’s Un Certain Regard, a category that favors new talent. More


Apr 01, 2006 Tangiers

Last October, Tangiers released their third proper LP, The Family Myth, a smart and subtly humorous collection of jagged, tense pop, featuring twelve rolling, hook-laden, off-kilter melodies, jangly guitars that alternately rip and sparkle, and a rhythm section that is no-apologies bombast More

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Apr 01, 2006 Spring 2006 - The Raconteurs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ debut full-length Fever to Tell sounded like a high school yearbook. It’s a loud but uncertain art-punk screed, full of black humor and wicked riffs but with little ambition. Singer Karen O’s squeals and moans and beer-slinging are sex-crazed without being especially sexy. It’s aggressive and commanding but only hides the band’s insecurities about what they really have to say. It’s a portrait of young artists caught in the middle of growing up. More


Jan 01, 2006 UNKLE

James Lavelle’s Top Eight Albums of 2005 More