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Maria Taylor

May 02, 2005 Web Exclusive

Sometimes, you just can’t catch a break on tour. Maria Taylor, one half of the Southern-gothic pop duo Azure Ray, thought she had scored a deal by landing a cheap room for her band in a Houston Doubletree hotel, and they limited their post-show partying to pizza and watching In Good Company on TV. More

Petra Haden

May 02, 2005 Web Exclusive

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know who Petra Haden is. For the uninitiated, she’s the daughter of legendary jazz bassist Charlie Haden. She was born one of three triplets along with sisters Tanya and Rachel. More

Goldie Lookin Chain

May 02, 2005 Web Exclusive

Who are Goldie Lookin’ Chain? The mysterious Welsh rapping crew first came to Under the Radar’s attention when they guested last year on the Super Furry Animals B-side “Motherfokker,” rapping about Sci-Fi movies, alien abductions, and 60’s political rockers MC5. Then word started to spread across the lands of the United Kingdom that Goldie Lookin’ Chain were a hip-hop force to be reckoned with, if not exactly to be taken seriously. More

Comets On Fire

Apr 02, 2005 Comets On Fire

Comets On Fire play loud, so you may hear. This seems an easy thing to point out, but perhaps that’s because it’s more difficult to pin down what exactly makes their particular blend of jazz, psychedelia and hard rock so damn good. More

Boom Bip

Apr 02, 2005 Boom Bip

Boom Bip is Bryan Hollon. Bryan Hollon is Boom Bip. When asked to describe his sound, Hollon humorously responds: “It is a bit like Marianne Faithful on Prozac and vitamins with a computer, a penis and a few guitars.” More

Kaiser Chiefs

Apr 02, 2005 Kaiser Chiefs

The Kaiser Chiefs may “Predict A Riot” on their hit single, but don’t expect drummer Nick Hodgson to start swinging if the band ever gets in an actual fistfight. “I’m not capable of punching someone,” he says. More


Apr 02, 2005 Web Exclusive

Montreal, Canada, is best known in America as the place eighteen-year-old New Englanders go to get legally trashed on their summer vacations. Torquil Campbell admits that locals survive the miserable winters in much the same way. “A lot of sex and alcohol, that’s the recipe,” says the Stars’ singer, keyboardist and songwriter. More

Trashcan Sinatras

Oct 10, 2004 Trashcan Sinatras

“Once we made the record…I was as surprised as anybody that it’s done as well. I think if you look at the path that we followed – three albums, diminishing sales, record company dropping you, bankruptcy, it’s the sort of path that leads to a really, really awful fourth album. I don’t know why we pulled it off. But, I am kind of surprised when I think back that we made such a good record.” - Frank Reader More

Mark Farina

Dec 02, 2003 Web Exclusive

DJ Mark Farina came on the scene in the late ‘80s. He started spinning at age fifteen and soon made a name for himself in the local Chicago House scene, alongside such electronica legends as Derrick Carter and Cajmere. More