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Eric Appel on Directing and Casting “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”

Nov 04, 2022 Web Exclusive

How weird would it be to play “Weird Al” Yankovic? The “Eat It” and “White and Nerdy” singer is so renowned for hilariously reinterpreting hit songs, how could an actor possibly reinterpret this singular satirist in a big-screen satire?

Director Peter Hedges discusses the intimate power of “The Same Storm”

Oct 26, 2022 Web Exclusive

Writer/director Peter Hedges takes us inside the making of his intimate new film, The Same Storm.

Alex Crowton on the Making of “This is Sparklehorse”

Oct 24, 2022 Web Exclusive

Director Alex Crowton speaks about the power of Mark Linkous’ music and his new documentary ‘This is Sparklehorse’.

Finn Jones Finds Meaningful Layers in The Visitor

Oct 03, 2022 Web Exclusive

Finn Jones discusses the rare authenticity found in his new horror film, The Visitor.

Brett Morgen on Directing His Experiential David Bowie Documentary  “Moonage Daydream”

Sep 23, 2022 Web Exclusive

If you’re looking for a documentary that charts neatly through the life of David Bowie, his 50-year discography and the coterie of musicians and producers he collaborated with—you better look elsewhere. Moonage Daydream, the kaleidoscopic, Brett Morgen-helmed documentary that opened in theaters last weekend, is a feast for the senses, that’s best experienced at an IMAX cinema.

Directors Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson on Psychological Thriller “Rogue Agent”

Aug 24, 2022 Web Exclusive

Directors Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson open up about their first movie, Rogue Agent.

Kate Bosworth on Her Emotionally Taxing Role in “The Immaculate Room”

Aug 19, 2022 Web Exclusive

Kate Bosworth opens up about the joys and challenges of her newest film, “The Immaculate Room.”

Director Steve Pink on indie drama “The Wheel”

Aug 05, 2022 Web Exclusive

Director Steve Pink (High Fidelity, Hot Tub Time Machine) tells us about his first dramatic turn, the new indie drama The Wheel.

Neko Case on Her Acting Debut in Geoff Marslett’s “Quantum Cowboys”

Jul 18, 2022 Web Exclusive

Director Geoff Marslett and Neko Case talk about their new movie, Quantum Cowboys.