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Tuesday, April 16th, 2024  
Chastity Belt – Julia Shapiro on “Live Laugh Love”

Mar 29, 2024 Web Exclusive

It’s a tale as old as time: four friends in college decide to pick up some instruments and start a band together. With no experience and no plan other than to hang out and make music, indie rock band Chastity Belt could’ve easily seen its career start and end before graduation came around. Thirteen years later, though, the group and its four members—Julia Shapiro (she/her), Lydia Lund (she/her), Gretchen Grimm (she/her), and Annie Truscott (they/them)—are as strong as ever as they release their fifth studio album, Live Laugh Love (out today via Suicide Squeeze). More

Elbow – Guy Garvey on Their 10th Album “AUDIO VERTIGO”

Mar 28, 2024 Web Exclusive

Elbow’s main man, Guy Garvey, has recently celebrated his 50th birthday. He marked the occasion in Manchester with his pal Peter Jobson from the band I Am Kloot and a “bunch of pirates” as he puts it. More

Julia Holter on “Something in the Room She Moves”

Mar 22, 2024 Web Exclusive

On “Sun Girl,” the iridescent opening track of Julia Holter’s new album, Something in the Room She Moves, the California-based composer lets her phrasing dissolve into novel expressions. It sounds as if she magically learns a new foreign tongue on the spot: “Sun girl / Sun girl / Sun may / Some girl / Sun maze / Some girl.” The song sparkles and rattles, like a celestial dial being turned back, transporting the listener to a daybreak where everything feels possible yet nothing seems certain. Here lies the beating heart of Holter’s work; she luxuriates in mystery and oblivion, never allowing sound and language to fully solidify. More

Ride on Forthcoming Seventh Album “Interplay”

Mar 10, 2024 Web Exclusive

Ride release their seventh album Interplay at the end of March, so Under the Radar caught up with singer, guitarist and songwriter Mark Gardener to discuss the new record, his studio, and the band’s tour plans for this year. More

Slowdive on “everything is alive,” Critical Reappraisal, and Finding a New Younger Fan Base

Feb 09, 2024 Web Exclusive

Since reforming in 2013, Slowdive has now been around longer than their initial run in the early ’90s. The music industry they now inhabit has morphed into something that would have been completely unrecognizable to their younger selves. But Slowdive’s guitarist, singer (alongside Rachel Goswell), and primary lyricist, Neil Halstead, has never been the type of musician to dwell on the past. More

The Allman Brothers Band’s Chuck Leavell Talks “Jessica” 50 Years Later

Jan 30, 2024

Few songs are such masterpieces of mood as “Jessica,” a seven-minute plus instrumental by The Allman Brothers Band, off their 1973 album Brothers and Sisters. A pure sonic sunrise, raw dopamine molded into black vinyl, the track is classic rock’s answer to the “Ode to Joy”; it dares you to not smile, and wordlessly insists that life is good—even if only because of music like this. More

Self-Portrait: Heather Woods Broderick

Jan 25, 2024 Web Exclusive

For our recurring Self-Portrait feature, we ask musicians to take a self-portrait photo (or paint/draw a self-portrait) and write a list of personal things about themselves, things that their fans might not already know about them. This Self-Portrait is by Heather Woods Broderick. More

Nate Kinsella on Birthmark’s “Birth of Omni”

Jan 23, 2024 Web Exclusive

Major life events often give way to seismic perspective shifts, and for Nate Kinsella, the introduction to fatherhood in recent years has spilled over into not only new feelings and experiences but a new way of viewing his own artistry. More

My Firsts: Mutual Benefit

Jan 18, 2024 Web Exclusive

My Firsts is our email interview series where we ask musicians to tell us about their first life experiences, be it early childhood ones (first word, first concert, etc.) or their first tastes of being a musician (first band, first tour, etc.). For this My Firsts we talk to New York-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mutual Benefit (aka Jordan Lee). More