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Monday, September 25th, 2023  
Succession’s Heirs: Touch Me Gently

May 27, 2023 Web Exclusive

Succession’s characters often reveal more with their body language than with anything they say. When the siblings gingerly reach out to one another – wary of betrayal, but desperate for validation—their odd gestures convey multitudes. More

“Poker Face” Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić Speaks on the Series’ Music

Mar 17, 2023 Web Exclusive

If you have a favorite music moment from our ongoing prestige TV era, chances are Poker Face music supervisor Thomas Golubić and his SuperMusicVision team curated it. More

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith on “The Great American Baking Show”

Dec 02, 2022 Web Exclusive

Ahead of their new holiday special on The Roku Channel, Paul and Prue took some time to answer our questions about their favorite seasonal dishes, differences between American and British competitors, and what happens on Bake Off when the cameras aren’t rolling. More

John Lithgow on co-starring with Jeff Bridges on “The Old Man” and the Legacy of “3rd Rock”

Jun 16, 2022

Just when you thought John Lithgow couldn’t show more range—from the bumbling alien of 3rd Rock From the Sun to his Emmy winning serial killer portrayal on Dexter, to Winston Churchill on The Crown—the actor is now making his biggest departure after 50 years in show businesses. More

Actor and Comedian Jeff Hiller on the Acclaimed HBO Show “Somebody Somewhere”

Feb 24, 2022 Web Exclusive

Jeff Hiller is one of the most sincere and delightful humans in Hollywood. And, boy, is he in Hollywood. The comedian and character actor has a lengthy IMDB page, including 30 Rock and Broad City, but his most recent project is a starring role in the popular and acclaimed HBO series, Somebody Somewhere. More

Joe Pera Talks Comedy, Growing Up, and Breakfast

Jan 20, 2022 Web Exclusive

If you were only to listen to the voice of Joe Pera, you might think he was 77-years-old. He’s patient, measured. He says “I don’t know” a lot. He talks about how eggs should be cooked, his comfortable shoes, the falling snow. He’s not a carnival barker or used car salesman in his orientation to his audience. Rather, he’s like a trusted neighbor. More

“Six Feet Under” Music Supervisors Thomas Golubić and Gary Calamar on the Show’s 20th Anniversary

Dec 24, 2021 Web Exclusive

There is such a wealth of content on television, both landed and streaming, that it’s unlikely viewers would take a deep dive into the annals of HBO to find the network’s early series. Sex in the City is getting some shine with its shaky reboot, And Just Like That… and The Sopranos is getting another look with the prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark. An HBO series that is almost never talked about, which is truly a shame, is the evergreen Six Feet Under. More

“ToeJam & Earl” Video Game Co-Creator Greg Johnson Reflects on 30 Years of Planet Funkatron

Dec 17, 2021 Web Exclusive

As the name might suggest, the story of the popular 1991 Sega Genesis video game, ToeJam & Earl, is dual-pronged. But that’s not the case just because the original game focuses on the two crash-landed aliens, ToeJam and Earl. It’s not just the case because the game was the creation of Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger. In fact it’s both of those things and this: the original ToeJam & Earl game, which earned a beloved underground following that’s not so underground anymore, was created in a “stream of consciousness” way, Johnson says. More

“This Is Pop” Series Producer Amanda Burt on the Netflix Docu-Series on Pop Music

Jul 21, 2021 Web Exclusive

Serious music lovers—at least “serious” in their own minds—generally have a snobbish attitude toward pop music. It’s shallow and doesn’t have any substance. It should not be considered in the same way and at the same level as “real” music. The Netflix docu-series This Is Pop smashes through all those lofty ideas in its eight 44-minute episodes. More