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Saturday, December 9th, 2023  
“ToeJam & Earl” Video Game Co-Creator Greg Johnson Reflects on 30 Years of Planet Funkatron

Dec 17, 2021 Web Exclusive

As the name might suggest, the story of the popular 1991 Sega Genesis video game, ToeJam & Earl, is dual-pronged. But that’s not the case just because the original game focuses on the two crash-landed aliens, ToeJam and Earl. It’s not just the case because the game was the creation of Greg Johnson and Mark Voorsanger. In fact it’s both of those things and this: the original ToeJam & Earl game, which earned a beloved underground following that’s not so underground anymore, was created in a “stream of consciousness” way, Johnson says. More

“This Is Pop” Series Producer Amanda Burt on the Netflix Docu-Series on Pop Music

Jul 21, 2021 Web Exclusive

Serious music lovers—at least “serious” in their own minds—generally have a snobbish attitude toward pop music. It’s shallow and doesn’t have any substance. It should not be considered in the same way and at the same level as “real” music. The Netflix docu-series This Is Pop smashes through all those lofty ideas in its eight 44-minute episodes. More

“Seinfeld” Theme Creator Jonathan Wolff on the Show’s New Soundtrack and the Theme’s Origin

Jul 12, 2021 Web Exclusive

If you’ve ever flipped channels on regular television, or if you’ve ever briefly looked through streaming services for something funny to watch, or if you grew up in the ‘90s, then it is safe to assume at least two things about you: you know of the sitcom series, Seinfeld, and you’ve imitated the show’s catchy, slap bass theme song, like, “Bunka-der, deka-der-der!” More

Victoria Blade on Being the Commercial Woman in “WandaVision” and Her New Single “Road Trip”

Jun 24, 2021 Web Exclusive

Songwriter and actor, Victoria Blade, has probably been on your television screen during the pandemic. For those millions of WandaVision fans, she was the neatly attired “Commercial Woman” who appeared in all of the fake commercials embedded within the Marvel series that traveled through the American sitcom decades, from the 1950s through today. But Blade is also more than an actor. She is a songwriter and performer. She is also something of an amateur videographer. And we’re happy to premiere Blade’s latest single and music video, “Road Trip.” More

Austin Winsberg on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”

Jun 15, 2021 Web Exclusive

The core of a great song—a truly great composition that reaches beyond typical marketplace constraints—is all about connection. Somehow in the span of a few minutes, the listener is given language and imagery for their own emotions and experiences. It’s company for the journey, so to speak, and it’s the substance that makes a track memorable even in a digital era.This same connection is at the heart of NBC’s musical dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Not only does the show itself use many songs that would fit the aforementioned description, but show creator Austin Winsberg aspires for the Emmy-winning show to provide the same connection for viewers. More

Ashley Nicole Black and Gabrielle Dennis on HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show”

May 28, 2021 Web Exclusive

When HBO first partnered with now-world-famous show-runner, Issa Rae, for her television show, Insecure, the sky was the limit. Today, with Insecure headed into its fifth and final season, having made its way into the hearts of many adoring fans, Rae’s footprint on HBO remains large. Thankfully. In her own way, she has helped to usher in more diversity to the channel and a keener eye for more so in the future. One of the shows Rae has helped bring to HBO is A Black Lady Sketch Show, which stars the quartet of Robin Thede, Ashley Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis, and Quinta Brunson. More

Comedian Erica Rhodes on Acting Normal, Her New Special, and Car Audiences

Apr 15, 2021 Web Exclusive

Comedian, Erica Rhodes, cares about the things she says. Growing up, her mother cared obsessively about grammar. Her father was witty, sharp, and made people laugh. Early on, Rhodes realized the power communication can have between people—whether that meant bursts of laughter or depth of a conversation. More

Comedian Eddie Griffin on the Purpose of Comedy, Showing Off in History Class, and His New Special

Apr 05, 2021 Web Exclusive

In a way, longtime comedian Eddie Griffin is the King of the Colloquial. Listening to the man talk or watching his new comedy special, Laughin’ Through Your Mask, which came out last week, one gets the sense that Griffin cares deeply about the (his?) idea of common sense. More

Joel McHale on Playing College Football, “The Soup,” and Marrying People at the Space Needle

Feb 12, 2021 Web Exclusive

Comedian and television host, Joel McHale, has worn many hats. From his starring role on the NBC television show, Community, to hosting Netflix’s Tiger King postmortem to, this weekend, marrying couples under the historic Seattle Space Needle, McHale is game and more than capable of rising to any occasion. More