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The Protest Survey: Clinic’s Ade Blackburn

On Pussy Riot, Protest Songs, and News Sources

Nov 01, 2012 Issue #42 - The Protest Issue Bookmark and Share

In conjunction with our Protest Issue we asked several artists the same set of politically-themed questions. These answers were provided by Ade Blackburn of the British band Clinic. The Liverpool-based band is releasing their seventh album, Free Reign, November 13 via Domino. The self-produced album was mixed with help from Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never).

Do artists have a responsibility to use their work or public platform to positively influence voters and push for change?

I don’t think there should be an automatic responsibility for an artist to be political. Although with politics leaning so far to the right at the moment, there needs to be as many artists speaking out against this as possible.

What are your thoughts on the Pussy Riot conviction?

It’s obviously terrible that something like that can still happen in the 21st century. I hope the global condemnation of the conviction will make a difference.

What is the most overrated political or social issue of our time?


What is the most underrated political or social issue of our time?

Inequality. Politicians seem either too scared, self-interested, or ignorant to even begin
to tackle the issue.

Does a single piece of art (a song, a film, etc.) have the power to change people’s minds and create societal change?

Definitely, which is both good and bad.

What is your favorite protest song?

“War Sucks” – Red Crayola.

Where do you get your news in this day and age?

BBC News. Although even the BBC News now has a tabloid sensationalism to it. I hate the way all modern news seems to revel in the death tolls and people’s suffering.

Do you have anything else to say about the current state of politics or the state of the world?

People have steadily become selfish wankers, egged on by ignorant right-wing politicians.
There’s been some talk by trade unionists in the U.K. of a general strike, which is fantastic but sadly unlikely. That’s what is needed. Far more extreme protest than we’ve already seen.


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