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Apr 27, 2012 TR/ST Bookmark and Share

Singer/keyboardist Robert Alfons and drummer Maya Postepski don’t own up to the term “Goth” (who would?)—but as Trust they do make moody dance music, filled with buoyant beats, and dark lyrics about love, loss, and grinding it out. The Toronto, Canada-based duo have been turning heads with single “Candy Walls,” featuring Alfons’ Bauhaus-worthy baritone over a gauzy, haunted house-style beat. They recently released debut album TRST, a rollicking affair that takes the ghostly conjuring of previous singles and adds a club-ready beat.

Under the Radar caught up with Alfons via e-mail. The musician gave us his two cents on music as the message, Ace of Base, and the deliciousness of Plan B.

Laura Studarus (Under the Radar): Obvious question first—how did you and Maya meet? Was it musical love at first sight?

Robert Alfons: We passed around demos; “Candy Walls” was written on our first day together.

After being a concert photographer, is it surreal to be the one people are taking photos of? Any interesting interactions with photographers at your shows?

I really enjoyed taking photos of my friends and subjects that I found more engaging, than shooting at concerts.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music right now? Is there, or has there ever been, a plan B?

I would just eat everything, I’m sure.

How much does being in Toronto affect your music? Do you feel like you could have made the same album had you moved to New York or Los Angeles?

I can imagine the next record will be tropical, volcanic.

With Maya balancing her duties as a drummer in Austra with Trust, were you able to write the album together? What is the division of labor like?

We wrote the bulk of the record before Austra’s touring, sure some of these songs started as mine, some as Maya’s.

How quickly are you able to write music? Is the reward in writing, or in sharing it with other people?

Some songs take years, some songs take a day.

Do you and Maya share similar pop/electro sensibilities?

Ace of Base.

Goth: A legitimate musical genre, short for a term only to be used while discussing architecture, or teenage subculture perpetrated by the masterminds at Hot Topic?

Nightmare Before Christmas

Do you worry that the theatrical elements of your music or the back-story of the musicians (i.e. Goth/gay/drummer in another notable band) can threaten to overshadow the fact you’re both talented musicians?

None of those elements sum up the band or the music entirely, so I’m not worried.

Do you feel like you feel like themes explored with Trust could be expressed in a different form (i.e. folk, rock…) or even in a different medium like photography?

Every one of these songs should be able to be played acoustically at Lilith Fair.

I’m hearing a strong Depeche Mode and Joy Division influence. Is there an element of outsider art to your music? If so, is that something you tried to cultivate during the writing/recording?

I am a bigger fan of Jan Terri than I am of Joy Division or Depeche Mode.

Do you consider yourselves to be emotional people? Are you the kind of people to act out when you’re upset?

I have my moody moments, sure.

Would you say you’re more or less emotional than you were as teenagers?

I’m basically still a teenager.

Did your parents emphasize a musical education? Make you take lessons? Introduce you to great music/classic albums? Or was that something you had to discover on your own?

Maya has proper training. I had an older sister who listened to Real McCoy. My big sister taught me everything.

Do you remember your dreams? Have you ever suffered from unusual dreams/nightmares?

I only dream about food.

Are you interested in the idea of space, the stars, and life beyond earth? Do you believe aliens exist?

Innocence, truth and coming from the stars.

What is your concept of heaven? Do you believe in hell?

Listen to track 8 [“F.T.F.”] on the LP.

With songs such as “Candy Walls,” would you call yourselves romantics?

Much of the album is about my fear of sex.

How old were you the first time you fell in love? Do you believe in soul mates?

I’m too smart for love.

Can music/art be revolutionary if it’s aimed to appeal to the masses? Who do you think responses the most to your music?

Teenage girls.

What do you hope the listener takes away from your music?




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May 8th 2012

Robert Alfons is gay? wtf?

I think i missed something before this interview, there is like some personal knowledge here, and please tell alfons or/and Maya to hung up the lyrics.

Jay aShe
May 16th 2012

Hottest Artist of 2012, Music Video link in the name!