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10 Killer Depeche Mode Songs Nobody’s Listening To

Jun 26, 2014
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Let’s face it: Depeche Mode haven’t released a good album in nearly a decade. And Playing the Angel was good, not great. They haven’t released a great album in over 20 years. Last year’s Delta Machine was unlistenable. 2009’s Sounds of the Universe was similarly excruciating (except “In Chains”-that song was pretty dope). Some say this slow and steady decline is a result of Martin Gore allowing Dave Gahan to bully his way into the songwriting (to what extent Gahan actually “writes” songs is unclear). But that’s letting Gore off the hook. Gahan has only had writing credits on a handful of tracks since 2005, and one of them is “Suffer Well,” which is the best Depeche Mode song since 1997’s “Barrel of a Gun”. Things really started to go downhill once Alan Wilder left after Songs of Faith and Devotion. And we still have no idea what Andy Fletcher does, right?

Truth is, they sound tired. Bored. Burnt out. But shit, they’ve been around for almost 35 years. They’re still touring and they still put on astonishingly good shows. And the Music for the Masses-Violator-Songs of Faith and Devotion trifecta is still one of the best album runs in pop music history. Plus they gave us “Policy of Truth.” ‘Nuff said?

Anyway, here are 10 Depeche songs that aren’t on nearly enough iPods. (Are iPods still a thing?) We even dumped them into a Spotify playlist for ya.

By Kenny S. McGuane


“Lie to Me”

Some Great Reward







“The Things You Said”

Music for the Masses



“Fly on the Windscreen (Final)”

Black Celebration







“Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)”

B-side for “World in My Eyes”




Music for the Masses



“Here Is the House”

Black Celebration



“The Love Thieves”




“I Want It All”

Playing the Angel



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Pure Cleanse
June 28th 2014

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that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so!
Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice article.

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June 28th 2014

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June 28th 2014

First of all, as for the past 20 years comment, Ultra was a great album, Exciter was not exciting, PTA was damn good, SOTU was not as good as PTA and although not one of their classics Delta Machine was by no means unlistenable. Hard to top the Some Great Reward-Ultra era. Here is the House is not as good as any of those songs listed, it should be replaced by Sister of Night which is criminally underrated!

June 29th 2014

I guess you don’t get a thing about Depeche Mode’s style. They’ve been changing their musical style since the 1st album. All the albums are different, all of them have different things. We can’t compare the things that Dave went through in the 80’s to the things of the 90’s. These last albums are the reflex of Dave’s problems. They have now “dark albums”, if we can call it. I guess you’re just thinking about your musical taste, and if you like, for exemple, the albums they made in the 80’s, probably you like new have and pop. But they changed. They went to the rock too. And that is good. That is good because it means that lots of people, different people can listen to Depeche Mode even if they like different types of music. They’re now into blues. I can’t disagree with you more. Just because you don’t like it, that doesn’t give you the right of teasing their last albums. I’m not a fan of DM, but they’re amazing and the truth is that they will never give a shit for your stupid opinion because they’re doing what they like. And, that “1 Killer Depeche Mode Songs Nobody’s Listening To” is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

June 29th 2014

This top 10 is pathetic,the person who created this has no idea when it comes to Depeche Mode.. They have numerous songs that should be mentioned here songs like “when the body speaks” from exciter or “blue dress” Violator those 2 are under rated. Leave the playlists to the REAL DEVOTEES and not some Noob who has no idea.

June 29th 2014

This is a great topic for discussion surely.

However let me say that my top 10 would be much different.

Dave has brought great song writing to the table. Suffer Well is brilliant.

I Want It All is not a favorite.

Sister of Night should be on this list.

Here’s my list:

1. Sister of Night
2. Sea of Sin
3. Dangerous
4. Insight
5. Jezebel
6. Shine
7. Things You Said
8. Freestate
9. Blue Dress
10. Mercy In You

PTA is a great album. SoTU has it’s moments. Delta Machine has it’s moments.

I can’t disagree that I miss Alan being involved by Martin clearly wants to do things differently each record.

A good friend of mine recommended Butch Vig for the next DM Record. I think that is one of the most brilliant things I have heard in a long time.

I am ready for it. :)

DM is still my favorite band of all time hands down.


Driving Blindly
June 30th 2014

Mister McGuane, what makes you qualified to report that Depeche hasn’t made a “good album in 10 years” or to make silly accusations about “bullying” or for that matter to question anything DM does or doesn’t do without having some real insight into their world?  All you’ve managed to prove in your smattering of words is that ignorance truly is bliss.

Is there really money to be made writing about things of which you obviously have no deep understanding and apparently only a passing interest in?  Doubtful - but if so where do I sign up?  I imagine with little or no effort I could also talk out my ass about things of which I know nothing about like say quantum physics, pet grooming or cheese that squirts out of a can.

July 1st 2014

R u Kidding? Delta Machine was a good album !

July 1st 2014

I completely disagree with this story. Just like all bands that last DM has been changing and maturing their sound. U2 has done it, Coldplay has done it. Even the Beatles changed their sound as they got older. I loved Delta Machine. PTA is fantastic. I don’t mind Gahan’s writing. It’s a nice change from Gore’s melancholy melodies. I have a feeling you’re not really a fan just a critic. Otherwise this article wouldn’t have been written.

July 1st 2014

There will always be a difference in opinion between the true fans and the critics; I personally don’t agree with the song picks here on this particular top 10 list but then again I am not the one who is presenting it for review; and as far as “the past 20 years” comment, I must admit that I personally tend to lean more towards the DM of the past from 1980 until Alan Wilder left the band in 1995; those were the best years in my humble opinion and the time period that I liked most; after that I think the songwriting took a sharp decline and I personally lost interest in DM; however I have followed Alan’s solo project (Recoil) and I prefer his music much more than anything that DM has put out since SOFAD - again, these are my own personal opinions and I don’t expect all DM fans to agree with me and that’s ok; the good thing about DM is that they have always tried to appeal to different genres and styles and there are lots of fans out there all over the world who are just as diverse as their music is.

Matt the Bat
July 2nd 2014

First of all, whoever the fuck you think you are, Dave Gahan has always put catharsis and self expression above any allegiance to an established aesthetic. So what if he doesn’t write choruses much? He doesn’t HAVE to! Definitely not for you. They happen to be in a deep blues phase right now and I for one am glad that they are. Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass and learned about MUSIC asshole—especially the awesome variety of the Depeche Mode discography—you’d gain a little perspective and develop into a sentient human being instead of the sniveling, primordial, sub human critic you clearly are.

July 7th 2014

Delta Machine was “unlistenable”? Wow. You shouldn’t be allowed to review music.

July 8th 2014

I don`t agree. What do U expect from DM ? Do U expect hits by hits over and over again ? it`s impossible. Even The Beatles or Roling Stones don`t have all top songs. And one more thing that U forgot - sometimes U want to hear some album or song, sometimes not. For example - now Im back to Construction Time Again and A Broken Frame. I was enjoyed Delta Machine all last year. Now Im back to the begining. Depeche Mode r still the best group in the World.And the latest (hope not last) tour was amazing. BTW - Here is The House - awsome song ! Somobody - whorst in DM history.

July 8th 2014

OMG Kenny! You have such a poor taste… and so little insight.

July 11th 2014

While I vehemently disagree with the “unlistenable” part, & REALLY disagree that one would expect a great album after 30 years (be happy with good, yo! In fact, expect “pretty good” & go from there), this list is exquisite. And the person who pooh-poohed it in favour of “Blue Dress”, as if liking that crawling, banally boring song makes you more of a devotee. No.

July 11th 2014

@ CHRISTOPHER. You obviously have no clue about DM either…how is “blue dress” boring? its a really good song and any Devotee would agree. I bet you also think “whats your name” is a excellent song,Don’t you?? LOL like you that Song is lame ;) so go give your head a wobble and have a proper listen to all of Depeche Modes back catalogue :)

July 12th 2014

So I personally like this band…so I never get the harsh comparison of their work.  How could one really say theses are the best songs but this body of their work is unlistenable?  Most likely you don’t like the band at all…poor Kenny…probably has poor taste In music and worse of all needs a new career.

John hollenback
November 15th 2014

You sound like an idiot,and that’s giving you to much credit,go fuck yourself.

Natalie Selezneva
February 10th 2015

Loving all of the songs on the list above. And listen to these quite often on my phone.

Natalia Selezneva
February 10th 2015

Could argue with other statements, but the list includes really great songs that are definitely underrated or just weren’t ‘popular’.

shazam para pc
June 8th 2015

Son uno de mis grupos de música favoritos, siempre los llevo en mi Spotify. Mis canciones favoritas son estas:

1. Dangerous
2. Insight
3. Jezebel
4. Shine
5. Sister of Night
6. Sea of Sin
7. Things You Said
8. Freestate
9. Mercy In You
10. Blue Dress

June 22nd 2015

What? Delta Machine unlistenable? Both Delta and SotU are great albums and I personally like them better than Playing the Angel.
I have five songs from your list on my phone.

July 21st 2015

I have to agree with the author of this write-up. Depeche Mode sound burnt out. I just don’t ‘feel’ any of their newer music but still respect them as much as I did when I started listening to them. Most of the stuff after the Barrel of Gun is somewhat simple and forced. Just my opinion, not trying to offend any of the DM fans.

October 1st 2015

I couldn’t agree more, not my favourite DM tracks but bloody good. Shine, I want it all and The love thieves are a bit pants though. Since Alan Wilder left something is missing. DM will always be my favourite band and nothing will come close but after Faith and Devotion they lost me.

January 6th 2016

I listen to them!!!

August 8th 2016

“Get the balance right” should made that list.

wil blythe
September 14th 2016

Youve gotta be on sumat ...delta was mint

September 16th 2016

The writer sounds like he needs to pull his head out of his ass and stop sounding so superior. Being negative is easy, and so is respecting an artist’s soulful expression. Critiquing art of any kind makes me laugh.

September 24th 2016

Sister of Night, Dangerous, Sea of Sin, Mercy in You,........should I even continue? Luv DM

September 26th 2016

I’m a completely floored at this idiotic and juvenile article. First of all your first idiotic quote.  Last year’s Delta Machine was unlistenable.  I completely disagree with you on this. This was a great album with amazing blues incorporated into the songs. Depeche Mode is like fine wine, they get better with age. Awesome tracks included Heaven, South my Soul, Broken, You Can Be Higher, Soft touch, Secret to the End. Sounds of the Universe also had great hits including In Chains, Wrong, Little Souls, In Sympathy, Peace, Come Back, and Corrupt. Yes, Depeche Mode has matured, aged, ripened, and also have gone in different directions to keep it fresh. I also agree the SOFAD and Violator is their greatest albums, but their new stuff is dope with a new sound and new energy. True fans that listen to more than Violator and Music for The Masses appreciate their growth and new sounds. Their worst album was Exciter for sure.  I cannot wait for their new album. We are no longer in 1988, and the band has matured and are trying new things. I love what they are doing. Too many fans wanna go back to the 80’s. Every band matures and keeps things fresh. I believe Depeche MOde are reinvesting themselves in a great way

September 27th 2016

I completely agree with everything you say. I’ve been a fan since 1981 and the last few albums are utter rubbish. Seems a lot of people on here are kidding themselves if they think anything they have released recently stands up to the late 80s early 90s output. How many times can you release a gospel sounding song.?  Dazzling. I think looking at some of the comments that Dave Gahan could fart and they would buy it.

Status Crow
September 28th 2016

They were what they were, then Alan Wilder fulfilled their potential. I don’t care how tired people are of hearing it, their subsequent work suffered. There was menace, atmosphere and nuance in Wilder’s arrangements and they’ll never duplicate it. Will I still listen? You bet. Would they be infinitely better with Alan Wilder (even if it’s only at the production helm)? You betcher ass.

September 28th 2016

I agree with Status Crow’s comments. The fact is that you cannot find too many bands that still sound relevent today from the 80’s. I too wish that Alan Wilder was back with the band. That said, they have still managed to create some very good songs. I have been listening to Ultra in my car lately and simply love it! Its the first album post Alan Wilder and has some very good songs. I agree that it will be very difficult to top Music for the Masses or Violator or even Songs of Faith and Devotion, however, I still buy every single record when it hits the shelves and still love DM. Lets all hope that the next Album is great.

Anal Iced Them
September 30th 2016

Delta Machine is a fuckin brilliant album !!!

October 5th 2016

The author’s critique is a bit harsh.  I do agree that Allen’s contribution to the song’s arrangements were invaluable.  Like McCartney & Lennon, DM was better working as a team.  I despise the live drummers though.

October 9th 2016

Where’s ‘A pain that I’m used to’?

October 17th 2016

not an order a all:

Sister of night
Ice machine
Fly on the windscreen
Here is the house
Blue dress
damage people
and so on…

October 26th 2016

You are a bloody idiot and an attention whore, Kenny S. McGuane. That is NOT an ‘‘opinion’’ or anything worth reading / publishing at all. I am so angry it is till out there two years later. People like you make me sick to my stomach.

October 26th 2016

my list of “notsopopularkillerones” from DM…

Higher Love
The Things You Said
Here I the House
It Doesnt Matter Two
Nothing To Fear
Fly On The WIndscrean
Waiting For The Night
Shake The Disease

colin john lewis
October 27th 2016

It’s all a natural progression,its a strange love.

October 27th 2016

As I expected after reading the first few lines of this article, the Blind….sorry, Black Swarm have their feathers rustled. As a DM fan for over 25 years, I think the article hits the nail on the head. I’m not going to disagree with the songs listed as that truly a pointless endeavour. We all have our faves. But, and this is really important to remember, the last 20 years have not been good. Sure, you can pick a good track here and there, but there has been something lacking. A purpose. A cohesive set of songs. Some exciting arrangements….oh and melody. Anyone remember when they wrote them? My fingers are crossed for Spirit though the bleeps and burbles presented on the clips have left me dreading another album of sub standard songs bereft of melody or inovation.

October 28th 2016

Worst article ever.

October 29th 2016

Um, wow, this article is nuts.  I agree the casual fan should check out all of the suggested tracks, although my list would vary some.  However, I do not get it.  I’m a long time hard core DM fan and Delta Machine was the most immediately excited I was over an entire album out of the shrinks wrap since Black Celebration.  I’m not saying it’s better than Violator and others, but many of their albums were growers, Delta Machine was exciting in an instantaneous put on your headphones way.  Sounds Of The Universe I throughly enjoy (although the closing track was too much of a downer) and I love all of their albums and the diversity they present throughout their career…but I prefer Martin’s songwriting overall, to me, his songs are Depeche Mode.  However, I do not get what anyone sees in Playing The Angel, besides the musical retreading of Enjoy The Silence into Precious, most of the album is depressing and lacks the uplifting element typically anchoring the album.  It’s really hard for me to listen to, too dark, too sad…they finally earned the depressed mode tag…that being said, the b-sides and remixes from that album help lift it from depressed zone.  It’s my least favorite album of theirs of all…Violator still wins out, but as for best trio…it’s Black Celebration, Masses, Violator to me…that was their peak, but all of their other albums are still wonderful.  I even love Ultra and Exciter! Wish Angel would have had a remixed version, much like Faith had a live version.

November 5th 2016

Well, I’m surprised a song from SOFAD isn’t on this list. Rush and Higher Love are killer too and hardly nobody listens to those two!

November 5th 2016

Yes! So true! Rush was one of my faves from SOFAD out of the box!  The remix rocks too!  Love Higher Love…loves how the concert messed with you by opening with the closing track!  Always thought that was their TFF number!  :)

November 5th 2016

Cobblers.  I’ve been a fan since ‘81 and I really enjoyed the Ben Hiller trifecta, and as for Dave Gahan’s songwriting being an issue, ‘Should Be Higher’ off Delta Machine is one of my all time favourite DM tracks. I agree Alan Wilder was a big part of the DM sound during their commercial peak but then I much prefer Ultra to SOFAD so he isn’t an essential element as far as I’m concerned.  Looking forward to the new album and tour!

November 5th 2016

What does “cobblers” mean?  Should Be Higher is a good one… didn’t mean to hate on Dave’s songwriting… Agree big time on Ultra vs SOFAD although I love both…

November 22nd 2016

Soy un Fan desde mi niñez, cuando estaba en la radio musica para las masas, un disco lleno de sonidos clasicos, evidente la diferencia en retrospectiva, y creo que sin wilder su sonido se volvio mas organico, no tan sintetico pese a que los samplers te dan esa sensacion organica, para mi gusto todos sus albumes han tenido temas buenos, enfocados en diferentes perspectivas, magicos para quien disfruta de la medula original de Depeche, que aun sigue ahi y te hace vibrar
Los felicito a todos por sus comentarios y espero al igual que ustedes spirit,

November 30th 2016

I wonder where I can find it.

Miriam Laser
November 30th 2016

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December 11th 2016

@Matt the Buty Ohmyghod, realny? Katharsis and self expression? Get a life dude!

December 22nd 2016

Can agree with ‘halo’ which I like a lot and ‘nothing’. ‘h.girl’s sound interesting at least. Everything else in this text was hard to believe someone states. But who cares? We can only say our opinion just like the author did. And so it’s mine. Ultra was big, exciter wasn’t, but ’ I feel loved’ and ‘dream on’ kicks nice. PTA was good with some great tracks and SOTU… I don’t know how can anybody say about this album sth like this. This album is great - for me the best one in this century and ‘Wrong’ is one of my all time favs (this mix of psychodelic, sharp sounds with slow beats and claps is for me an illustration of power that great it gives you calm eternally like a man knowing his worth) Delta wasn’t that good, but seriously? Unlistenable? Dude, is there sth wrong with your ears?

Rene lopez
January 21st 2017

Your 1 little ant in a huge Universe that totally disagrees. Not only are they a legendary band.but true DM fans know they dont know how to make bad music.

Filipe Coutinho
February 3rd 2017

You’re writing but you know nothing about what you write…  You claim that the fact Gahan is writting songs is, somehow, destroying Depeche Mode, but you say “Suffer Well” is the best song since “Barrel Of A Gun” (which is a Gahan song!). In your Top 10 you take I Want It All (which is also a Gahan song!).

Resuming… you say what you “know”, but you simply don’t know what you say.  What a bad article.

I was looking around for good contract example for days. This is the best one I have found! truly highly


March 14th 2017

almost 3 years later, their new single: Where’s The Revolution :-(.......‘it was the WRONG plan in the WRONG hands’......their own words ! ;-)

Barry Hamilton
March 24th 2017

I think your article was spot on.  In fact, the only thing I’d change about the playlist is to replace “The Love Thieves” with “Sister of Night” if we’re sticking to Ultra tracks.

I’ll bet most of the negativity in the comments above is coming from the LA fans.  They’ve always been a rabid bunch.  Guys, this isn’t 1988. You don’t need to automatically leap to DM’s defense all the time.  Besides, we all knew Alan Wilder was the only real musician in the group.  Dave, Martin, and Andy have even admitted that themselves on numerous occasions.  After Alan left, things were bound to go downhill at some point.  Whatever you think about the post-SOFAD albums, one thing you CAN’T claim is that they are in any way as innovative or progressive as what came before.  There may have been a couple of semi-precious stones here and there in the last couple of decades, but no diamonds to be found amongst them.  Even the best of the bunch, Playing the Angel, was more like a DM tribute album than an actual DM album.  Just be happy with the unparalleled amount of incredible output we did get from the Basildon bunch while the 4-part formula was still intact.

April 7th 2017

Necro’d to hell here but this is actually a very good list aside from a couple, and I agree, both Delta Machine and Sounds of the Universe were pretty awful. Most of their newer stuff is sadly. :(

I’d go with:

1. Nothing
2. Lie To me
3. Rush
4. Halo
5. Black Celebration (the track obviously)
6. Two Minutes Warning
7. It’s Called A Heart
8. Only When I Lose Myself
9. Insight
10. New Dress

I really don’t like anything much past Playing the Angel, sadly, and even that was so-so in some areas.

April 7th 2017

CRAP! I forgot “If You Want”!!!! Can’t believe that as that’s my fave track off Some Great Reward, and in my Top 10 DM tracks of all time. LOL!

April 20th 2017

Let’s face it: Kenny isn’t that great of a writer. He hasn’t written anything of substance since his 2011 interview with Hercules and Love Affair.  Some say his abrupt decline is a result of Under The Radar not having any standards, but that’s letting Kenny off the hook. Truth is, his musical opinion isn’t even remotely relevant, nor is he particularly eloquent when he attempts to express it. But, he did attach some Depeche Mode songs to this article as clickbait, so I guess he has a bit of sense.  ‘Nuff said?

June 2nd 2017

Broken, A Pain That I’m Used To, One Cress,
A question of lust

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June 18th 2017

friendship is one of the most beautiful thing in our life, everyone needs this, and a human cannot live without friends

June 30th 2017

I really don’t think any of the songs on this list would have even made it onto my top 50.  What a ludicrous article full of ludicrous statements.

July 5th 2017

What a berk this writer is. Delta machine was ace. and yer top 10 selection was SHITE
What a Bonehead

July 5th 2017

Kenny you are absolutely TRASH your talking out of your SHITBOX
and as for saying in chains was ‘pretty dope’, the only things round here that is a DOPE is YOU
Kenneth is a Walter

Jacob Oppenheimer
September 18th 2017

This is funny how no matter what subject matter one may happen into on the internet, if there are comments they are filled with the same type of name calling self righteous bores.

Guess what everyone? This top ten list is the OPINION of the author, it doesn’t make sense to say ” those tracks that you like that you selected should be replaced with X track because ME ME likes X track”.

How selfish is that? I don’t care if 10 million people agree that other supposed tracks that no one is listening to are better than the tracks selected here, this list is the authors alone and it is his list not anyone else’s.

With that said, people that are really into music and are heavily into Depeche More have already listened to most of their material will be as familiar with the big standouts as with the not so celebrated.

At the end of the day it is just music I can’t see how people get so worked up.

September 30th 2017

Dave Gahans voice is amazing. It draws me into another world. It soothes my soul. I’ve only been able to see Depeche Mode once and will never forget that feeling from just his voice and the music. My favorite band next to the Beatles

Matt Coker
October 3rd 2017

“Halo” and “Nothing” have been my favorites for years. Definitely good for DJing too early in the night when you want to play DM but not use a crowd-pleaser.

October 9th 2017

Depeche Mode are unique! They sing from their heart and deep from their souls.

Davla Stil
October 21st 2017

Shocking review Spirits a great album sotu also great - infact most releases are fantastic you need to actually listen to them with your soul

October 21st 2017

Amazing song, I just got my Hifiman he1000v2 
and its just amazing

John "Ratty" Arbuckle
November 12th 2017

Too bad “Puppets” is a better song than all of them combined, and that Depeche Mode’s best stuff was created before Vince Clarke left.

Dasha W. Frost
November 25th 2017

I find this article highly insulting. Started reading and dropped after a few sentences. Whoever wrote this article doesn’t understand the essence of DM. Yes, SoTU and Delta were quite unusual for the band, they have a weird different sound and feel. PTA, however, was just fantastic. And so is fabulous new release, Spirit, even though it touches political topic which is pretty unexpected for most works by the band. To say that Delta was unlistenable is insane! DM is still one of the most awesome bands of the 80’s who still are able (and they really DO!) produce very high quality music. Unforgettable, witty, poetic, vibrantly dark…Every album they record is remarkable in its own unique way.
So I personally find this article very funny, unprofessional and ridiculously grumpy, especially towards Dave’s songwriting talent :) Maybe the author was envious, I don’t know.

Jack Morrison
December 1st 2017

“I’m not a fan of DM, but they’re amazing”

the fact that you went into detail about their career and went to such lengths to defend them, but then come back & say this makes NO fucking sense, lol

January 17th 2018

I can’t even think of the top 50 songs, let alone 10. I have all the albums plus rare tracks of their songs, all sorts of remixes etc. and it’s impossible to decide which I like best.
I’ve been following them for 35 years. I adore this band!
I’m rediscovering Exciter which i dismissed back in the days, along with many other fans I understand. And I can tell you it’s a beautiful album. DM never cease to surprise me.

baby daddy
March 28th 2018

Sea of Sin (Tonal Mix) is a really good song that nobody really hears as much.

April 20th 2018

Fact is that Depeche Mode was always: Martin, Andy, Dave and Alan. Martin created songs but he needed Alan to change those songs to be perfect songs - and of course Alan needed others - songwriter Martin and frontman Dave so that they had those perfect songs (okay Andy was the management guy). That was the magic of that group, and after Alan left that magic was gone. DM has been part of my life since 1983 so I know what I am talking about…

Golden years 1983-1995… It is sad that “Mr Wizard” Alan was newer accepted to be as a “real member of the band”... About the list, I have two songs for the list: Halo and Sea of Sin, two masterpieces… Alan was then there too…

July 28th 2018

Hello everyone. I am new user of this forum :). I am from Hungary and my language is poor :). Thanks

Ingolf Schäfer
September 9th 2018

great choice, definitely my taste…

Madalin Stunt Cars 2
February 13th 2019

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Maryam taheri
March 31st 2019

Oh thank god I don’t have to belive everything I read!! We have ears we have taste and we all have prefrences.why should we let judjmental and jealus minds tell us what to love?! Is this how you earn your life ?

June 9th 2019


June 10th 2019

this one is the best “Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)” B-side for “World in My Eyes”

Klingeltöne gratis
November 24th 2019

Thanks for your writing, I love music and often use it in my free time.

John "Ratty" Arbuckle
January 3rd 2020


February 23rd 2020

Yes, definatelly Nothing has been one of my all time favourite song. Love em.

April 1st 2020

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Calm Sage
April 17th 2020

I completely disagree with this story. Just like all bands that last DM has been changing and maturing their sound. U2 has done it, Coldplay has done it. Even the Beatles changed their sound as they got older. I loved Delta Machine. PTA is fantastic. I don’t mind Gahan’s writing. It’s a nice change from Gore’s melancholy melodies. I have a feeling you’re not really a fan just a critic. Otherwise this article wouldn’t have been written.

June 1st 2020

This article does not reflect the experience and feelings of Depeche Mode fans. I will comment only this - I love U2, but in the past 15 years I haven’t listened to them. Why? Because they do similar music again and again. Depeche Mode are evolving and experimenting and that is their advantage and fans appreciate it. I think you are Duran Duran fan ;)

October 27th 2020

Wrong. Delta Machine is the best Depeche Mode album ever, if you know about music and how to appreciate it, and its best songs are not in the main album but in the bonus tracks: “All that’s mine” and “Alone”. These songs, if you listed to them carefully, mark the pinnacle of their careers; they integrate all the elements of the 80s, 90s, and the 2000s.
The best evidence this is an amazing album is the huge amount of amazing remixes available in YouTube which show these songs extraordinary potential. The only DM’s sin is not having exploited all this potential to the fullest in maxi single versions, own remixes and live.

November 6th 2020

Your article is opinion-based and rubbish. Your opinion. That’s fine but that is all, end of story.

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November 22nd 2020

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November 29th 2020

Agree ONLY for: “Fly on the windscreen”, “Shine”, “The love thieves” and “I want it all”.

You should have seen (still ongoin these days) depeche mode parties, what happens when DJ plays “Here is the house” -  everyone singin.

December 4th 2020

I shall not pass silently this post and this should not be posted in anyway.
When someone asks me :“what is your favorite DM song?” I answer “all of them”.
Depeche Mode is not about making hits and pop music, it’s a style. Life is changing every moment, so does they.
And it is a beauty of their music and everything that comes from it.
How can we expect something to stay the same all the time?
Plus, it would be boring at least.
So let’s face it — the Best Depeche Mode Album is still to come!
And Yes, They Are Awesome!
And someone who don’t understand their music shouldn’t write about it!

January 9th 2021

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January 19th 2021

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January 20th 2021

I also have to disagree on the 20 years comment. I’m not a big fan of everything the band has done over the past 20 years, but Ultra and Playing the Angel are superb records, and their other records still have their moments.

As far as underrated Depeche Mode songs go, I recommend…

10. The Worst Crime
9. Better Days
8. The Things You Said
7. I Am You
6. Should be Higher
5. Halo
4. Insight
3. Sinner in Me
2. Cover Me
1. In Your Room (the album version, not the Zephyr mix)

February 9th 2021

Couldn’t even finish your article, you pretentious snob. Another one of ‘‘old-time’’ fans who just can’t keep up with times. If you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s ‘‘unlistenable’‘. Tastes differ and your opinion is just like that, not a fact just an opinion. Everyone has them - just like buttholes. The only album of DM that I didn’t like it was SOTHU but it STILL had some great songs on them. I loved PTA, DELTA, and I liked Spirit. And if you can’t be objective and let your personal preferences cloud your judgement to the point of calling OBJECTIVELY good music (that is still loved by millions) ‘‘unlistenable’‘... Then you are NOT worth reading. Piss off.

February 13th 2021

En mi caso escuche la primera canción de Despeche Mode hace quince años de su albun I Want It All, es la que mas me encanta, me pongo los audífonos y empiezo a escuchar.

Aunque no soy un fanático total del grupo, este álbum me encanto, tambien me gusta Depeche Mode - Broken (Live Studio Session) que se puede ver en Youtube