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“Ambling Alp” MP3

Oct 30, 2009

As previously reported, Brooklyn psych-rockers Yeasayer are releasing their sophomore full-length, entitled Odd Blood, February 19th. In North America, it drops via Secretly Canadian, and Mute will distribute in other parts of the globe. Below, you can peep “Ambling Alp,” the debut single. On November 3rd, Secretly Canadian will release “Ambling Alp” digitally and on limited edition 12” vinyl. The vinyl will come packaged in a colored metallic sleeve, and features re-rubs from glo-fi maven Memory Tapes and the heady dubstep producer, DJ /rupture.

Listening to “Ambling Alp” you see the Brooklyners expanding beyond the hazy, psychedelic (and sometimes obvious) world of All Hour Cymbals, the band’s promising 2007 bow. The cut begins with some chopped up electronic noodling and beatsmithing before diving headlong into some dubbed out reggae. Before they return to the sounds of beginning of the track the trio throw in a vicious, funky bridge full of brass (it sounds just as good as it reads.)

Click above to stream it, or click on over to Yeasayer’s site to download. By the way, tonight, Yeasayer’s playing a special pre-Halloween gig at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, with a special light show. Sounds fantastic.