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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021  

Netherfriends: Premiere: “Brett Easton Ellis Novel” Video

More over Sufjan Stevens, there’s a new indie-pop maven in town. Chicagoan Shawn Rosenblatt is the prime mover of the psychedelically inclined band, Netherfriends. This year, he decided to write 50 songs for 50 U.S. states. Unlike Stevens (and many artists before him), Rosenblatt is taking this bold task very seriously.

Since April, he’s been couch-surfing without a home. Free from an electric bill and rent, he hooks up with various artists to record songs while on the road. Check out a list of dates here and if you want to lend Rosenblatt a couch or a venue to play at, message him at He’s also blogging the entire process on his Tumblr.

Today, we proudly debut the stop-motion music video for, “Brett Easton Ellis Novel,” the lead track/single off Netherfriends’ promising debut LP, Barry and Sherry. The mid-fi vibrancy of the clip is quite fetching. Make sure to soak in those luminous melodies during the bridge. (Trivia: Barry and Sherry is named after Rosenblatt’s parents. “Brett Easton Ellis Novel” references the American Psycho writer/moralist.)

Also, do check out A.V. Clubs feature on the whole endeavor right here. Barry and Sherry is available to buy or steal via the group’s Bandcamp page. Added bonus: Watch the preview video for album track, “Lead You Through the Misty Fog of Milwaukee Ave”: