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Court Case Denies Warner Bros. and DC Comics Superman Rights

Aug 15, 2009

Rights to the Superman of famed Action Comics No. 1 (his first appearance) were handed over to the family of co-creator Jerry Siegel this Wednesday, leaving Warner Bros. and DC with less control over the superhero. More

Wolverine Sequel Acquires Writer Christopher McQuarrie

Aug 14, 2009

Fox has a sequel for the successful X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the works, which is set to be written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie) and to star Hugh Jackman. More

Noted Director Bryan Singer Set to Direct Battlestar Galactica Feature

Aug 14, 2009 Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer of X-Men, X2 and Superman Returns fame is confirmed to direct and produce Universal’s upcoming feature version of Battlestar Galactica. The new movie will have nothing to do with the recent critically acclaimed TV series and will be a reworking of the original ‘70s show. More

The Fiery Furnaces Work to Fire Up Pro-Healthcare Reform Concertgoers

Aug 14, 2009 The Fiery Furnaces

As fiery as the recent town halls over healthcare reform have been, it seems as though they’re about to get a little bit of a fiery boost. Experimental duo The Fiery Furnaces have decided to use their upcoming tour as a platform to galvanize support for healthcare reform. “Sure, we can disagree on the details,” the statement on the Furnaces’ site reads. “But Patriotic American Rock-n-Roll Fans must surely agree that our nation is in desperate need of health care reform.”


Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard Collaborate Over Kerouac

Aug 14, 2009 Ben Gibbard

Son Volt’s Jay Farrar and Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard have announced the release of an upcoming collaboration known as One Fast Move Or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur. Inspired by none other than beat writer Jack Kerouac More

Sub Pop to Reissue Nirvana’s Debut Album

Aug 14, 2009 Nirvana

Nirvana’s debut album marked a sea change in the rock trajectory, even on its small initial run. To commemorate 1989’s Bleach, Sub Pop has plans to reissue this cult gem. More

The Raincoats Reissue Self-Titled Debut

Aug 14, 2009 The Raincoats

London postpunk queens The Raincoats didn’t just get Kurt Cobain through bouts of depression but served as a beacon of inspiration for many of the bands on Kill Rock Stars’ ‘90s roster. It makes a whole lot of sense then for the indie label to handle the reissue of the band’s self-titled debut, which includes their perfect single, “Fairytale in the Supermarket.” More

Dungen Tour Diary Part 1

Aug 14, 2009 Dungen

The Swedish psych-rock band Dungen is currently touring the US of A. The tour started with some dates with Fleet Foxes. Dungen will be providing text and photo updates exclusively for Under the Radar‘s readers along the way in our blog section. Visit the band’s website for details of the rest of their tour dates. Here is part one of Dungen’s tour diary, which recounts their arrival in America and includes a bunch of photos taken by the band. Check back for more updates from Dungen. More

The Walking Dead Stagger On To AMC

Aug 14, 2009

Variety reported earlier today that cable juggernaut AMC is aiming to produce an adaptation of Image ComicsWalking Dead monthly series. This would usually be met by groans from protective fanboys were it not for the fact that three-time Oscar nominated director Frank Darabont is attached to the project for executive producing, writing and directing. Whoa. Wait a minute. Now that’s interesting. More