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Joanna Newsom Won’t Be Appearing on The Simpsons

Oct 20, 2010 Joanna Newsom

Yesterday the Internet was all ‘a buzz when Malibu Magazine announced that harpist Joanna Newsom would soon be making an appearance on The Simpsons. Sadly, it appears that rumors Newsom’s visit to Springfield were greatly exaggerated.

Gayngs Sues Tour Bus Company

Oct 20, 2010 Gayngs

First Gayngs’ tour bus was reported stolen. Then it came out that the company was holding it hostage due to an unpaid bill. Now, the Minneapolis soft-rockers are suing the company for unlawfully terminating their contract, holding their belonging hostage, and monetary damages from missing their biggest gig of the tour.

Modest Mouse to Reissue “The Fruit That Ate Itself” and “Sad Happy Sucker”

Oct 20, 2010 Modest Mouse

Long for the days of a less radio-friendly Modest Mouse? Now the band is giving you a chance to revisit their more experimental days with reissues of The Fruit That Ate Itself and Sad Happy Sucker.

Glasser Releases Ghostly “Mirrorage” Video

Oct 20, 2010 Glasser

Today, otherworldly songstress Glasser released a video for “Mirrorage,” a cut from debut album “Ring.” We have the unnervingly beautiful clip.

Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel Sing at a Baseball Game

Oct 20, 2010 Ben Gibbard

Proving they’re the most patriotic couple in indie rock (or at least the biggest baseball fans), husband and wife Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) and Zooey Deschanel (She & Him) performed at today’s Giants vs Philles game in San Francisco.

The National Release Alternate “Terrible Love” Video

Oct 20, 2010 The National

Because a band on the road is in want of camera, today The National released an alternate version of “Terrible Love.” We have the video.

The Flaming Lips to Perform ‘Soft Bulletin’ on New Year’s Eve

Oct 19, 2010 The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips’ 1999 psych-rock classic The Soft Bulletin is “epic” in every sense of the term. Each listen reveals a new layer of aural brilliance. The Flips must know this, so on New Year’s Eve they’ll play the whole thing for their hometown, Oklahoma City.

MGMT Perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Oct 19, 2010 MGMT

MGMT stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and performed two tracks. We have the clips.