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Photos of A Camp at The Troubadour

Jun 16, 2009

A Camp is the side-project from The Cardigans’ Nina Persson that also features her husband Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think) and Niclas Frisk (Atomic Swing). The trio was backed by two other members live and took the stage to some of Vangelis’ score fror Blade Runner. Towards the end of the set Persson left the stage briefly and the rest of the band actually launched into their own version of the Blade Runner score.

Richard Hawley Divulges His Truelove in September

Jun 15, 2009 Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley may sound like a typical British bloke but the former Longpigs member and onetime Pulp touring guitarist is pushing himself in strange and very uncommon ways on his sixth album, Truelove’s Gutter. The new LP comes out September 22nd, and follows 2007’s Lady’s Bridge and the Sheffield singer/songwriter’s 2005 Mercury Music Prize nominated longplayer Coles Corner.

Marvel Heralds Captain America’s Return With Ed Brubaker-Penned Miniseries

Jun 15, 2009

Comic book fans have always known that superheroes are better at dying hard than Bruce Willis. Ray guns, black holes, and our galaxy’s sun don’t stand a chance in the face of continuity recontexualizing. After Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash’s Barry Allen, Jason Todd, and many, many others, Marvel’s Captain America is reborn. After Steve Rogers was killed in Captain America vol. 5, #25 (March 2007), Cap fans waited patiently for over two years while Caps’ former sidekick, Bucky, took on the mantle. They’ll wait no longer. The Captain America: Reborn miniseries by Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch will be happening July 1st. The story of the return of Caps begins in Captain America #600, on sale today, in comic shops two days ahead of the customary on-sale date.

Mount Eerie Takes The “Black Metal” Route With Third LP

Jun 13, 2009 Mount Eerie

The lo-fi experiments of Phil Elverum aren’t just good, they’re downright spooky good! Whether you follow his work with The Microphones or most recently, Mount Eerie, the Anacortes, Washington native is the epitome of the avant-garde lone wolf. You can’t find too many chinks in this guy’s armor. He answers to no one but surrounds himself with likeminded musicians/loners. His third album as Mount Eerie will be most likely linked with 2008’s black metal-like Black Wooden Ceiling Opening EP. On August 18th, Elverum will expand upon Black Wooden‘s moody soundscapes with a full-length affair. P.W. Elverum & Sun is releasing Mount Eerie’s third album, Wind’s Poem and get this, it’s being described as his “black metal album.” Totally rad, right?

Warp Records Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Box Set

Jun 12, 2009

The always-pioneering electronic label Warp Records is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a box set and parties around the globe. Well, now we know everything about the Warp20 (Box Set) except for the exact tracklist. Warp started out as the home to avant-garde musicians like Aphex Twin and Autechre, and this box set takes a visual cue from those groups’ cover artwork. The futuristic-looking set will include five CDs, five 10” records, and a 192-page booklet.

M. Ward, Jim James, Conor Oberst, and Mike Mogis Form Monsters of Folk

Jun 12, 2009 M. Ward

Your eyes don’t deceive you. Monsters of Folk—aka Conor Oberst, My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James, M. Ward, and producer/engineer Mike Mogis is a reality! The verdict is still out and whether this will be a runaway Traveling Wilburys-like success or a M.O.R. Highwaymen-esque novelty. The trio of songwriters are certainly in BFF material. They’ve joined each other on and offstage, been Under the Radar favorites, and covered each others’ songs, but the build-up to this was questionable at best.

Willie Nelson Releasing First Standards Album Since Stardust

Jun 12, 2009 Willie Nelson

August pop artists put their stamp on the American Songbook all the time now but Willie Nelson made it popular with 1978’s Stardust. After a spot at #1 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart and Country Male Vocal Performance Grammy, years later it still shines as an exemplar in any genre. On August 25th, legendary singer Willie Nelson will try to recapture some of that Stardust magic with American Classic, his first LP of standards in over 30 years.

HEALTH, The Horrors Announce Fall Tours

Jun 12, 2009 The Horrors

There are plenty of bands touring this fall but two of the scariest are L.A.‘s noise-mongers HEALTH and Southend, England’s garage-goth mavens The Horrors. Don’t worry, their respective scariness is certainly more Halloween than Bride of Chucky. Plus, both are touring the U.S. in support of impressive sophomore longplayers.

The Slits Reunite, Retool For Trapped Animal

Jun 11, 2009 The Slits

For 30 years, The Slits proved to be a curious, tangled enigma of London’s punk and dub roots, largely due to their truncated discography. Cut (1979) is still a classic of the genre and set the stage for riot grrl acts to come. After Cut, the band released one more album, 1981’s Return of the Giant Slits, and then disappeared. Well, not exactly. On October 6th, The Slits will finally end that silence with their third full-length, Trapped Animal. Narnack is releasing the group’s first album in 25 years! That’s hardly anything to sniff at folks.