Art Brut’s Eddie Argos Releases EP for DC Comics-Themed Side-Project, Spoiler Alert! | Under the Radar | Music Blog for the Indie Music Magazine
Sunday, July 14th, 2024  

Eddie Argos in his house with his comic book collection

Art Brut’s Eddie Argos Releases EP for DC Comics-Themed Side-Project, Spoiler Alert!

Self-Titled EP Includes Songs about Batman, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle

Aug 13, 2010 DC Comics Photography by Andy Willsher Bookmark and Share

Art Brut’s Eddie Argos is already a self-confessed big fan of DC Comics. The band’s last album, 2009’s Art Brut vs. Satan, featured a song titled “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” and in our Spring 2009 Issue Argos wrote an essay for us about his love of DC Comics. Last year Argos and the band even got a private tour of DC’s New York offices, which we sent a photographer to cover and you can view our photo gallery of it here.

Well now Argos has taken that passion for the publishers of Superman and Wonder Woman to new heights, and has digitally released a DC-themed EP with the wonderfully named side-project Spoiler Alert! Argos announced the EP on his blog this week, joking that he had nothing to do with band. “Spoiler Alert! are a mysterious group of people that write songs about superheroes. They are a band definitely not made up of mild-mannered Dyan Valdes, Keith TOTP and Eddie Argos, even though they sound like they might be,” Argos joked in the post. “Eddie is far too busy writing the next Art Brut album to be writing songs exclusively about Superheroes, Dyan is too busy planning The Blood Arm’s forthcoming European tour (In November), and Keith is busy getting his own album ready for release.” Argos later added that, “DC Comics in no way endorses these songs, although the revenue earned from them will be spent on DC Comics (and maybe some wine), so what goes around comes around.”

The EP can be purchased digitally from the label Corporate Records here. We also have streams of all three songs below. As comics fans over here at Under the Radar, we can attest that Argos’ songs are true to the original books and are even up-to-date with what’s currently going on with the characters (“And I’m Dick Grayson at the moment,” he topically sings at the end of “Batman”). So listen below as he relates the entire history of Booster Gold or laments about Batman’s fear of intimacy (“People often die when they get close to me”). “The only comic I still get regularly is Booster Gold,” Argos wrote in Under the Radar last year. “I’ve loved the superhero Booster Gold since I was 12 and found a pile of comics about him in a second hand shop.”


“Booster Gold”:

“Blue Beetle”:

(Via: Pitchfork)


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August 15th 2010

Much love to eddie for doing songs about the blue and gold… i am a huge booster and ted fan from the old JLI days so hells yeah!!! like i needed a new reason to love everything about art brut and there protecting of the innocent indie kids everywhere

September 20th 2010

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