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Listen to a New Track From Interpol Side Project, EmptyMansions

snakes/vultures/sulfate Out April 2, 2013 on Riot House Records

Jan 17, 2013 EmptyMansions Bookmark and Share

While Paul Banks has been off cultivating his solo career, the other members of Interpol haven’t simply been sitting around working on their tans. Meet EmptyMansions, the side project of drummer Sam Fogarino and Interpol touring member, Brandon Curtis.

“Some things can take decades to arrive at,” says Fogarino of the project. “In this case I’m speaking of songwriting—Even within the simplicity of a typical rock band configuration: guitar, bass, and drums. Not highly original or too complicated—Nonetheless, what this “thing” can be is highly illusive, hard to grasp, and even harder to wrangle into a worthy song. This might be why, we as fans and musicians alike, return to such a common voicing repeatedly—New or old, it’s familiar, it’s comfortable, and at times, it’s the only fucking thing that feels right. In November 2011, at the completion of a fifteen month long tour supporting Interpol’s fourth, self titled effort, I found that I had finally arrived at EmptyMansions. A long time coming; not without effort, but rather without force—This alone took years to figure out. The songs that I had written, I not only liked, but had to sing myself. There was no choice in the matter. To do it any other way would have rendered the whole endeavor dishonest and pointless.”

The band will release its debut album snakes/vultures/sulfate on April 2 via Riot House Records.


1. Led to Measure

2. Lyra

3. Up in the Holler

4. FTC

5. Sulfate

6. That Man

7. [The Former] You

8. Down by the River



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January 18th 2013

It’s FOGARINO ;-) You’ve got an “r” to much

January 18th 2013

And In my commentary above there is an “o” missing in “too” ... oh, the irony *g*