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Squid Share New Song “Match Bet”

Town Centre EP Due Out September 6 via Speedy Wunderground

Aug 29, 2019 Squid Bookmark and Share

Promising new Brighton, England-formed five-piece Squid are releasing a new EP, Town Centre, digitally on September 6 via producer Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground, with a physical release on November 15. Now they have shared another song from it, “Match Bet.” Listen below, followed by the band’s upcoming tour dates.

The band have a post-punk sound, with comparisons to Talking Heads and Television fairly warranted. Previously Squid shared the EP’s seven-and-a-half minutes long “The Cleaner,” which was one of our Songs of the Week.

The band features Ollie Judge (drums, lead vocals), Louis Borlase (guitars, vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (keyboards, strings), Laurie Nankivell (bass, brass), and Anton Pearson (guitars, vocals).

Judge​ had this to say about the song in a press release: “‘Match Bet’ revolves around a character that lives within the same universe as ‘The Cleaner.’ The song is told from the perspective of a Sonic Youth super fan living with mental illness, whom was a regular at a shop I used to work in. His harmless demeanor and manic, long conversations about gambling, his relationship with Her Majesty The Queen and love for Sonic Youth was extremely helpful for me in that period of my life. I found it interesting how his manic-ness opened me up a bit in a time where I could have quite easily just blended into the paintwork and kept quiet.”

Squid Tour Dates:

8/29/2019 - Into The Great Wide Open, Netherlands
8/30/2019 - Knee Deep, Cornwall, UK
8/31 - 9/1 - End of the Road 2019, Salisbury, UK
9/6/2019 - Krankenhaus Festival, Cumbria, UK
9/12/2019 - All Our Tomorrows, 100 Club - London, UK
9/13/2019 - Leffingeleuren, Leffinge, Belgium
9/14/2019 - Hop Pop Hop, Orléans, France
9/16/2019 - Muziekodroom, Hasselt. Belgium
9/17/2019- Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
9/18 - 9/21 - Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany
10/12/2019 - Tenement Trail, Glasgow, UK
10/19/2019 - Future Days, Birmingham, UK
10/19/2019 - Simple Things, Bristol, UK
10/20/2019 - Swn Festival, Cardiff, UK
10/21/2019 - The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
10/22/2019- Yes, Manchester, UK
10/23/2019 - The Picture House, Sheffield, UK
10/24/2019 - Elsewhere, Margate, UK
10/25/2019 - London Calling, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/27/2019 Tunbridge Wells Forum, Tunbridge Wells, UK
11/1/2019 - Pitchfork Paris, Paris, France
11/6/2019- Village Underground, London, UK with Warmduscher
11/7/2019 - Roundhouse - London, UK*
11/ 8 - 11/9 - Primavera 20th Anniversary Weekender, Benidorm, Spain
11/10/2019 - Sonic City, Kortrijk, Belgium
11/11/2019 - 02 Academy Leeds - Leeds, UK*
11/13/2019 - SWG3 - Glasgow, UK*
11/16/2019 - O2 Institute - Birmingham, UK*

*with Metronomy

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