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Saturday, December 9th, 2023  

Watch Thom Yorke Perform “Daily Battles” on Solo Piano on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Motherless Brooklyn Out Now

Nov 15, 2019 Radiohead
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In August a new Thom Yorke song, “Daily Battles,” was shared, as was an instrumental version of the song by jazz legend Wynton Marsalis. Both versions were recorded for Motherless Brooklyn, a film written, produced, directed by, and starring Edward Norton that came out a couple of weeks ago. Last night Yorke stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform the song on solo piano. Watch the performance below.

Yorke’s version featured Flea. Marsalis’ version featured Joe Farnsworth, Russell Hall, Isaiah J. Thompson, and Jerry Weldon. Both tracks were released together on a 7-inch and Yorke’s version made our Songs of the Week list.

Yorke also released a new solo album, ANIMA, back in June via XL (stream it here).

ANIMA was accompanied by short film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, a “one-reeler” set to three tracks from the album, and you can watch that over at Netflix now.

Once ANIMA was released (only a few days after being announced), two of its songs, “Twist” and “The Axe,” made our Songs of the Week list at #1 and #2 respectively. Then Yorke released Not the News, a remix EP featuring four remixes of ANIMA‘s “Not the News” (check it out here).

Then he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! with his Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes band (Yorke, Nigel Godrich, and visual artist Tarik Barri) to perform three songs from the album: “Traffic,” “Twist,” and “Dawn Chorus.” Then he shared a video for “Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain).”

Last year Yorke scored his first feature film, Suspiria, and the soundtrack, Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film), was released last fall via XL.

Thom Yorke Tour Dates:


03-28 Fairfax, VA - EagleBank Arena
03-30 New York City, NY - Radio City Music Hall
04-04 Chicago, IL - United Center
04-05 St Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
04-08 Denver, CO - Mission Ballroom
06-19 Glasgow, Scotland - SEC Hall 3
06-20 Manchester, England - o2 Victoria Warehouse
06-23 London, England - Eventim Apollo
06-24 London, England - Eventim Apollo
07-01 Gdynia, Poland - Open’er Festival
07-01-04 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival
07-06 Amsterdam, Netherlands - AFAS Live
07-09 Milan, Italy - Ippodromo del Galoppo di San Siro
07-11 Trenčín, Slovakia - Pohoda Festival
07-12 Prague, Czechia - Karlin Hall
07-13 Berlin, Germany - Max-Schmeling-Halle

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