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Thursday, September 21st, 2023  


Silvertwin on the “Times Of Our Lives”

Aug 30, 2023 Web Exclusive

Meet Silvertwin, whose classic pop sound has drawn comparisons with Billy Joel, Paul McCartney and Wings, ELO and Elvis Costello among a host of others. More

Tom A. Smith On Working With Miles Kane, Touring and Sunderland AFC

Aug 24, 2023 Web Exclusive

Meet the newest kid on the block from the North East of England, Tom A. Smith More

Treeboy & Arc Discuss Debut Album “Natural Habitat”

Jul 20, 2023 Web Exclusive

Leeds five-piece Treeboy & Arc put out their long-awaited debut “Natural Habitat” earlier this month so we got the lowdown on the album and the band’s future plans. More

Picture Parlour on Their Debut Single, Conspiracy Theories, and Future Plans

Jul 17, 2023 Web Exclusive

London-based band Picture Parlour found themselves subjected to nonsensical scrutiny after releasing their sparkling debut single, “Norwegian Wood,” last month. More

Chappaqua Wrestling on “Plus Ultra”

Jun 13, 2023 Web Exclusive

Chappaqua Wrestling have released one of 2023’s finest debuts in “Plus Ultra”, so Under the Radar caught up with them during their recent UK tour. More

The Last Dinner Party on Comparisons, Hype, and Their Debut Single “Nothing Matters”

May 24, 2023 Web Exclusive

Picture this: An emerging band creates a collection of exceptional songs that quickly capture the attention of industry professionals. Soon, offers start rolling in, and after securing management and a record deal, the label, who have undoubtedly recognized the band’s enormous potential, begin the process of supporting their development in order to help them achieve that potential. More

emzae On New Single “I Guess, Anyway”

Apr 14, 2023 Web Exclusive

Meet Derby-based rising star; singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer emzae. More

Heartworms on Her Debut EP, Her Love of World War II Aircraft, and Working with Dan Carey

Mar 24, 2023 Web Exclusive

Sometimes a song can literally stop you in your tracks. Heartworms’ recent single “Retributions of an Awful Life,” which arrived alongside a dramatic, cinematic black and white video, is one such track. Intense, compelling, moody, and magnificent, Heartworms is the project of UK musician Jojo Orme, who started creating the music she was destined to make when she began to embrace her dark side. More

Kælan Mikla On Their First Decade As A Band

Mar 15, 2023 Web Exclusive

Icelandic trio Kælan Mikla recently celebrated 10 years as a band. Here, they discuss their first decade, constantly being on tour and misogyny in the music industry. More