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Wednesday, June 19th, 2024  

All That Breathes

Studio: Janus Contemporaries

Jun 14, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

All That Breathes is, above all else, an exercise in learning how to pay attention and behold.


Jun 13, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Nate Amos is likely best known as half of the experimental duo Water From Your Eyes. Also half of the duo My Idea, with Lily Konigsberg, Amos’ longest lived musical project, This Is Lorelei, is his alone.


Jun 12, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

The Austin-based and Tyler Jordan-led Good Looks uncorks a doozy of a sophomore album on Lived Here For a While.


How Music Got Free

Paramount+, June 11, 2024

Jun 11, 2024 TV Web Exclusive

Based on the 2015 book of the same name by Stephen Witt, the grammatically incorrect How Music Got Free is in two 42-minute parts, highlighting the outright thieves who changed how consumers access music.


Jun 11, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Reissued on vinyl for its 50th anniversary, Get Your Wings proves to be Aerosmith’s first defining work.


Jun 10, 2024 Live Slowdive Pulp The Smile Massive Attack St. Vincent

The 2024 edition of NorthSide Festival took place in Aarhus last weekend (June 6-8) and Under the Radar photographer Laura Studarus captured the highlights


Jun 10, 2024 Live Miki Berenyi Trio Lol Tolhurst x Budgie x Jacknife Lee

Miki Berenyi returned to New York for the first time in eight years with a set containing classics from her Lush and Piroshka back catalogues as well as new material.


Jun 10, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Most of Gravity Stairs revels in a certain slowness; however, amid the lightness, there are plenty of revelatory moments to be found.


Mohamed Mbougar Sarr

The Silence of the Choir

Published by Europa Editions

Jun 10, 2024 Books

With The Silence of the Choir, Senagalese writer Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, won the 2018 World Literature Prize. Now translated from the French and released by Europa Editions, the book is a harrowing tale of immigration told from multiple perspectives across time in a small town in Sicily.